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Auto Cam V1.1

Automated Driver and Camera Switching App

  1. Esotic
    This app is based on the ActionCam that Minolin posted to the AC forums back in 2016: https://www.assettocorsa.net/forum/index.php?threads/concept-actioncam.31665/

    The purpose of this app is to automate the switching of drivers and cameras, mostly to be used with live streams/captures, but you could also use this when watching replays. You'll probably want to pair this app with something like BCast or ACTV.

    This primary advancement of AutoCam is being able to specify how much and for how long you want specific cameras to be active. This line in the INI is where all that is specified.

    cameraSwitching = 0^10^10|1^20^10|2^10^10|3^80^15|4^2^5|5^0^10|6^0^10|7^5^5|8^0^10|9^0^10

    This may look a bit like greek, but hopefully it's not too hard to decode. For each set of three numbers separate by the pipe | the first number is Camera, the second number is Randomization Weight, and the third number is Camera Switch Delay. For example, the element 3^80^15 states that camera 3 has a randomization weight of 80, and will wait 15 seconds before switching to the next camera. The string 4^2^5 states that camera 4 has a randomization weight of 2 (much lower) and will wait 5 seconds before switching to the next camera. I've not tested it yet, but the app should be able to support more than 1 definition for a camera, if you wanted varying delay times. So adding an element like 4^3^7 would create an additional entry for camera 4 with a randomization weight of 3, and it would wait 7 seconds before switching to the next camera.

    The number for each camera mode is provided in the INI
    ;Camera acsys.CM.Cockpit = 0
    ;Camera acsys.CM.Car = 1
    ;Camera acsys.CM.Drivable = 2
    ;Camera acsys.CM.Track = 3
    ;Camera acsys.CM.Helicopter = 4
    ;Camera acsys.CM.OnBoardFree = 5
    ;Camera acsys.CM.Free = 6
    ;Camera acsys.CM.Random = 7
    ;Camera acsys.CM.ImageGeneratorCamera = 8
    ;Camera acsys.CM.Start = 9

    The INI also allows you to define how long before switching drivers:
    switchDelay = 13

    I think the logic for first and last laps could be improved, as well as the logic for which driver to switch to, but the apps is fairly useful in it's current state, so I'm distributing it in hopes of getting some feedback on potential improvements.




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Recent Reviews

  1. THE Giulliano Larin
    THE Giulliano Larin
    Version: V1.1
    Very interesting app. I'm using Camtool2 to set cameras, it will be interesting to see how one app interact with the other. Very useful stuff, thank you.
  2. Scarystuff
    Version: V1.0
    Thanks for all your help, Dave :-D
  3. pensionisti23
    Version: V1.0
    Great app and superb logic for the camera change, i use only the track and cockpit cam and i set 80 for track and 20 for the cockpit, so i get normal TV streams with just few cockpit views. use it on all my streams together with ACtv for the leaderboard, thank you esotic.
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