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ACTV 2.1.0

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Notice : Version 1.2.0+ requires AC 1.13.0 (2017-03-22 ) or later
Hotkey to change the tower modes : CTRL + D

Won't work online for other cars due to the AC api sharing wrong data

-Driver info
Show current lap (practice,qualif), fastest lap (race), current driver info

Show session information

2 tabs of options for customizing the widgets

Permanent laptimes
Orange-Red: Invalidated lap (will not be save)
Options are directly into the widget(font-size - reset button)

Known bugs:
there are some inconstancies in the AC api, I mades a lot of workarounds...

Theme engine(beta)
Source code / Nightly versions (more whenever change are stable)
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File size
1.3 MB
First release
Last update
4.66 star(s) 94 ratings

Latest updates

  1. Texture support, smaller fonts

    Changelog: 2.1.0 Added background texture support for themes (jpg,png,tga) ex...
  2. Theme engine!

    You can now make you own color theme exemple: theme_template.ini Supported format : r,g,b /...
  3. Splited names modes from timing modes

    1.3.0 tower : TLC-Names modes split from timing modes delta : Added session delta - last lap...
  4. More tower modes :O

    1.2.2 tower : added push to pass status to tower tower : added interval mode for race tower ...
  5. Fonts, themes

    For Le Mans week release Added Fonts (Noto Sans, Open Sans, Yantramanav, Signika Negative...

Latest reviews

great thx
1 Of the best!!! But can you please tell me how can i add 32 slots on the tower? Because i add more slots on the config and on content manager and it return it to 28 again any help please?
The best!
really useful
Is it normal that this app doesn't show in replays? I see the overlays in game, but not in replays. I use content manager.
Excellent! And, please, why does Speedtrap show two speeds? I'm new at it. Thank you
Good plugin, perfect for live streaming! News? We expected some updates soon?
great mod man,thanks a million.
Good application!. Is very beatiful in screen for transmit TV race.
me gusta mucho esta app pero no se que pasa que ahora no me sale en las aplicaciones del aseto y esta activado en las app en genral
podriais ayudarme por favor?
Nice work, grateful to share.
Hello, I would like to know how to create new colors for cars skins of the Corsica assetto that still does not have colors in this app. I would like a reply, please.
Beautiful App! Nice Functions!
Unfortunately a frame killer for me :(
Man, excellent job! One of best apps for AC. But is it possible to make this work on replays? Thank you very much.
This is a really great app but it doesn't seem to work in replays unfortunately which is a game braker for me.

Definite 5 stars if it works in replays.
Awesome work keeps getting better...Thank you
Yes it's a great app, but it not work in replay mode, also ..

We wait a fix.

..for now many , many thanks!!
Excellent, but why can't I see my laptimes in hotlap mode like in practice mode?
****in nice man !!!

Very great THX again
Only few things im missing.

1. Ability to switch to closes fight and even better automatical switch to this. Same as BCast function, but BCast dont have realtime position switch announce and offtrack announce ;)

2. Race progress (lost / gained positions from start +/- numbers)

3. Pit stop counter, to be easiest to identify, which car was already in pits.

Anyway great plugin for every streamer ;)

Best mod for timing!
I can not switch to the TV camera...anyone can help me?

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