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[All Folder Screen] Assetto Corsa 1.16.3 100% Original + All DLC

[All Folder Screen] Assetto Corsa 1.16.3 100% Original + All DLC 2018-03-06

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Need to clean up your Assetto Corsa Folder, but afraid to launch via steam the "Check the integrity of the game files" because of your many mods install since you own the game?

No worries, i did the work for you ;)

To redo a clean installation of AC, i have long hoped to find the Screenshots of the original game files without success, so i decided to motivate myself to do it.

So here, after spending 2 days sorting and putting my Mods install since the first AC release, i delete the entire folder "assettocorsa", then i started the verification Steam to find a folder 100% clean/original and with all content in the last version, then i spent long hours to capturing each folder and finally i put all the screenshots back in the same folder hierarchy, so you can now quickly find out what you have to add to the game in order to make a possible backup before starting the files checks or just a new installation of the game ;)

Hope you like it :p
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Latest reviews

can i still use this ?
very good
Thank you for your effort.
I actually found this useful Thanks
Thx mate !
I use OVGME even AC has a JSGME type content manager


I manage every skin pack click de-activate all and AC
does file verify 100%

You are better off using the internal manager then JSGME
It requires all mod packages to be in local folder

Using OVGME you can put the mods anywhere you like
Good to know, thx i will look that ;)
Why trawl through all your folders to see what you need to put back??? It would be quicker to move your current AC folder somewhere else and do a steam check. Get a clean install and re-add what mods you want. Most heavy mod users including myself have a back-up of all mods and a clean AC folder already.
you know i have ac since the first release day as written above and it's the first time i really done a full clean install like this, i have move my old ac folder into an other location, but i wanna compare my files with the new to know exactly what to put back. Moreover I have not done that for heavy mods such as circuits, cars or graphics mods but also and especially for weather, textures edit and to have the latest dev kit, kseditor and fmod and this is not because most people have made it, that people will not be interested and if it is the case I would delete the post, I simply made it to enter service to those that interest him, not to receive criticism or advice (i dont say that especialy for you) lol
I do use a small software called JSGME (Generic MOD Enabler) to administer all installed mods. JSGME keeps a backup of all files and folders it adds or replaces when installing any mod. it allows you to easily switch between mods, or unistall all of them with a single click, and restore the clean installation off AC
Yep i know it but im a modder and make a lottt of modifications on my ac like modded ksEditor, fmod or some other thinks like textures or system files modded and i dont thinks files like this can be added via JSGME, but thx for the great rating dude ;)
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