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Nissan Skyline R34 - Race_Product 1.0

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Hello all ;)

Today i post a new skin for a new modded car, the Nissan Skyline R34, this car is more than adequate for a first version and become a pure feast after some adaptation and a good setup time to tell her all that I believe she fully deserve a skin! (no account that I have 10 years working as a mechanic at Nissan: D)

Link of the car : Skyline R34 (upgrade drift to race).rar

Some showroom screen :

And the intterior view :

I almost forgot ^^, this skin is the first in a séries of three, (I currently work on the second), so you will tell me "again a pack ?" yes but it is not a hazard, this Skyline (for those who do not would) has power strangely resembling at the Transformers series x) so understand? no? humm.. :/ dont worry dude! surely you understand at the next update :D

Have Fail, Good Lag ;)
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Really Nicely done! Thanks for your work...........=)
It's a great car and I enjoyed skinning it, though a template would be desirable. Thank u very much for this one :-)
i love the r34 nissan skyline gtr and it is what assetto corsa is missing a gtr so thank you muchly for this mod
Yeah its same for me, im a little bit sad cuz this car lack of polygons to be able to put HD images and has no template for the top and sides of the body car, but i still tried what I could to make it more stylish^^ but i'm glad that my work pleases you, ty ;)
the best !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anght :s Thx :p
Nice One,Thanks for providing the vehicle link as well,Great Stuff.
no problem, thx for your coment ;)