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Nissan Skyline R34 - Drift_Product 1.0

Second skin of a series of three that will soon completed

  1. Orbit4L

    Hello all ;)

    There is my second skin for this recent modded car, the Nissan Skyline R34, this car is more than adequate for a first version and become a pure feast after some adaptation and a good setup time to tell her all that I believe she fully deserve a skin!


    Some showroom screen :

    Two color Grey/Black :

    A differents sideskirt compared to my first race skin :

    Front of the vehicle by now devoid of bumper to reveal the exchanger :

    Now put on a pair of wheels Enkei :

    And a new exhaust outlet now single output but with a larger diameter stainless steel texture :

    The STIG from TopGear. DRIVER SUIT in HD 1.0 by blackcelica added :

    Link of driver suit by blackcelica :

    Link of my first R34 skin :

    Bonus :

    - my sound mod for Skyline R34 :

Recent Reviews

  1. mod fan
    mod fan
    Version: 1.0
    this skin is 5x better than your first skin full credit and keep it up
    1. Orbit4L
      Author's Response
      Thanks dude and thank you dude and you undeceives this skin took a lot less time than the first is simply that it is more "brutal" héhé ;) Finally good, tastes and colors: D anyway i am delighted that you like it, thank you support!
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