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  1. G

    F1 2020 - Inspired Showroom Preset for Custom Showroom 1.0

    By utilizing a mix of light panels, I've decided to go ahead and create a showroom preset inspired by F1 2020's car select screen in Grand Prix mode: And here is my getup, in custom showroom: The stripes can be managed in the lights submenu, and have names locating what stripe you are...
  2. Großer Screenshot Contest in Assetto Corsa | Hast du es drauf?

    Großer Screenshot Contest in Assetto Corsa | Hast du es drauf?

    Der perfekte Screenshot in Assetto Corsa: Kein leichtes Unterfangen! Hast du das Zeug, um der aller erste Screenshot Champion auf dem Kanal zu werden? Mitmachen ist ganz leicht! Schieße einfach 1-3 Screenshots in Assetto Corsa und poste deine Meisterwerke in unserem Discord Server.
  3. Paul Jeffrey

    Automobilista 2 | Share Your Screenshots

    Reiza Studios have created something beautiful in Automobilista 2, and with the recent inclusion of a photo mode within the sim, what better time to share your in game images! Yes, sharing is caring as the saying goes, so let's fill a bit of time during these enforced lockdown days by...
  4. Retrolux

    Retrolux Studio Showroom 1.1.0

    My goal was to make a minimalistic studio showroom, where it's easy to create photorealistic screenshots from almost any perspective without having distractions in the background. For creative users it also offers many customization options for the lights and colors used. Make sure to read the...
  5. Orbit4L

    [All Folder Screen] Assetto Corsa 1.16.3 100% Original + All DLC 2018-03-06

    Need to clean up your Assetto Corsa Folder, but afraid to launch via steam the "Check the integrity of the game files" because of your many mods install since you own the game? No worries, i did the work for you ;) To redo a clean installation of AC, i have long hoped to find the Screenshots...