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All factory colors for Corvette C8 (with CSP configs) bug fix

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This is a pack of all factory colors + 2 web devised ones. They work on the targa car in "CHEVROLET CORVETTE C8 STINGRAY 2020" by Nicolas Devoto. You may add the skins on the coupe too since they are almost identical models.

Install and use: open the zip file and drag "chevrolet_c8_stingray_outroof" folder into "..content\cars". Merge the folders. The old skins will not be replaced automatically so if you want to have a good idea of the added new ones you may move all of the old in different folder inside "..\content\cars\chevrolet_c8_stingray_outroof" (i.e. "skins_old"). One of the best ways to check the pack is race or track day only with the same model. Looks like this:



Or if CSP is disabled


If you want to select different color leather or rims have a look into "trim_options" where I put the textures. Works by pasting into the respective skin's folder.

Have fun!

Latest updates

  1. Fix for skins causing other cars on the grid to appear wrong

    This package has all the initial skins completed with small textures that CSP needs to work...

Latest reviews

Fantastic! Finally giving C8 the visual improvements it deserves!
Looks great. Also copied the skins into the full roof version, seems to work on that model just fine too (I don't really run the targa-type)
I assumed they would be almost identical but with your feedback it's now for sure. Thanks for the grade!
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