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  1. A

    All factory colors for Corvette C8 (with CSP configs) bug fix

    This is a pack of all factory colors + 2 web devised ones. They work on the targa car in "CHEVROLET CORVETTE C8 STINGRAY 2020" by Nicolas Devoto. You may add the skins on the coupe too since they are almost identical models. Install and use: open the zip file and drag...
  2. Dogface

    Another Factory Wearpack (dainese) 2020-12-01

    Game factory suits in dainese brand with some little fixes. Kawasaki two models, one green and other black. Yamaha two models, one blue and other red. Triumph two models, one black and other light blue. (Gulf)
  3. kawa4saki

    Coca Cola Ducati GP19 (custom driver) 2019-09-04

    Coca Cola Ducati GP19 for custom rider. It is my 3th mod. Contain's: bike livery, suit livery. ( helmet, number & butpatches not concluded ) It does replace the Ducati factory bike for the custom rider. If you do have any question's, issue's or anything else let me know and i will try to...
  4. Dayz_me_rollin82

    Restored Satsuma 1.65

    Please don't leave reviews asking questions or saying the mod does not work, leave that in the support section :) A factory fresh Satsuma, as it rolled off of the production line in 1976!