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Alemannenring for Assetto Corsa

Alemannenring for Assetto Corsa 0.5.6

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Alemannenring for Assetto Corsa
Version: 0.5.2
UPDATE: 08. April 2018 (Please see the Update for Changelog)
Track ist done completely and acurate on +/-2cm in all directions.
Main Buildings are all done.
AI Line is done

Just Details are missing and will come by Patch time by time.

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Thanks for testing Nicki!

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Latest reviews

would like to see an update. This is a wonderfull track and even beeing inusable today and buggy (maybe not compatible with actual CM?), we can see a lot of love and details to this track, plz bring it back ! i'd love to put 5 stars here.
Excellent track. Very immersive!
Any chance to update this track?
Unfortunately the work on this track are stopped and will not be continued. I don´t have time to finish this anymore.
super travail merci. est il possible de rajouter des pits? au moins 24 au total.
I thought Eurotrash got cancelled in the 90s. Good track though.
Very good work. A great old track, which you have revived with this beautiful work.
Nice! I love it!
je test
Nice track. Did not know that DTM raced there. The road is imho to dark and to clean. Should be more like here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_UALVpqJS04 Some of the flat tree walls could also be improved. Keep going for 5 stars and thank you for your work
Thank you for your message. It´s still in development. At the moment we are adding just new things, which are not in the rFactor Version. After that we will adjust many things
Ich war damals LIVE beim Rennen dabei in Singen. Danke für diese großartige Strecke !!!
I like it, it seems to be a fast circuit, very good
hope it makes big steps in the future
Very good job. Please, continue!
nice, thx!!....keep upgrading
pow.. very nice!
WOW Soo cool to have such an iconic track like that in AC. Looks fantastic and the AI works perfectly. GREAT JOB GUYS!!!
Nice track. Looking forward to future versions with the missing environmental details added. The dotted white lines down the middle of the start/finish straight feel quite brutal on FFB (in the Estonia-3 cars, anyway). Thanks! Keep up the good work.
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