1. THL

    Rennbahn 1928 alpha v0.95

    This is a scratch-made pre-alpha* version (so far only practice/hot-lapping possible) of Opel Rennbahn, also known as Opelbahn, one of the very first permanent race tracks in Europe and one of the fastest, located at Rüsselsheim only 3 km away from Opel factory and headquarters. The 1.5 km long...
  2. Pasta2000

    Honda S800 - KSCC Championship 1966 #7 1.0

    This is Kuniomi Nagamatsu (永松 邦臣, born February 10, 1944) and his little Honda S800 at the 1966 KSCC Championship, held on the 31st of July. Possibly the most impressive performance delivered by Kuniomi that day: qualifying for pole with a time of 2:51.5, but not starting too well, getting...
  3. Pasta2000

    Honda S800 RSC - Japan GP 1967 #22 1.0

    Another historical skin for the Honda S800 RSC, available on Racedepartment. This one belonged to Yasuyuki Takaoka, who took it to the Grand Touring race at the 1967 Japan Grand Prix. He finished the race in 19th overall, 8th in its class! Using custom made decals and custom JSON file! Join...
  4. Paintboxer

    Hillman Imp - SOVREN Sunbeam Race Car #392 1.1

    A fun Two-tone paint scheme for the Hillman Imp from the TC Legends pack. This is my first photoshop work of any kind, the skin is all my own and I'm happy so far with the result achieved. This was a personal goal to get something completed, working in game and uploaded to the community...
  5. Pasta2000

    Japan Grand Prix 1967 - Lola T70 #14 1.0

    My personal favorite skin yet, Rodney Clark's Lola T70 spyder as it appeared at the 1967 Japan GP. Despite being in the GP-III Class (for the largest engine size) Clark did not perform well, struggling to keep the car on the track and finishing 7th overall; 1st in its class (being the last...
  6. Pasta2000

    Japan Grand Prix 1967 - ACL Porsche 906 skins x2 1.0

    Since Tetsu Ikuzawa's #8 Porsche skin was already included, I felt that the other two should have some recognition. #6 was driven by Shintaro Taki, driving the same 906 as last year. He would finish 5th this year! #7 was driven by Tadashi Sakai who had one massive crash coming off the 30 degree...
  7. Pasta2000

    Honda S800 - Suzuka 1970 #7 1.0

    Another historical skin for the Honda S800 RSC, since it lacks in that department :) This one appeared at the 1970 All Japan Suzuka Automobile Race Championship, held on 1970/03/07. This particular S800 performed really well in the hands of Yasuo Fushiya, finishing 4th overall, 2nd in class...
  8. Pasta2000

    Honda S800 - Funabashi 1967 #7 1.0

    Simple but striking livery for the Honda S800 RSC! As seen at the All Japan Automobile Club Competition series held on 1967/01/14 and 1967/01/15, this is the Honda that appeared in the S class tournament. Driven by Yoshifumi Kikura, he would put down quite the performance on the Funabashi...
  9. Pasta2000

    Lola T70 - 1968 Fuji 300km #11 1.0

    The Lola T70 saw quite a bit of action in Japan from 1966 onwards to the 1969, this is one of the cars to be quite a force in domestic motorsport. Appearing at the 1968 10th All Japan Sportscar Fuji 300km Tournament, as driven by Ginji Yasuda. Yasuda previously drove E-Types for a couple years...
  10. Pasta2000

    Tojiro Ukiya's Lotus Elan 1965 1.0

    Tojiro Ukiya is one of the most legendary drivers in Japan, yet barely known outside of Japan mainly due to his untimely death in 1965. This Lotus Elan was sponsored by Toyota (TMSC) to race in the GT-II class race during the 1965 Japan Automobile Club CCC Tournaments around the newly built...
  11. 67JTM

    Pessio Garage Carpi #55 V1.5

    Finally, another Skin for Pessios wonderful Carpi! Since Pictures of that particular Car are a bit scarce, the Skin provided here is kind of a Mixture how it looked in 1975 during the DRM (Deutsche Rennsport- Meisterschaft) and how it looks today, in it's restorated Form. Thanks @Stereo for the...
  12. Pasta2000

    Japan GP 1966 - Lotus Elite #1 1.0

    Bob Hathaway's Lotus Elite was to be the last car to finish the 1966 Japan GP, 3rd in its class. Custom made decals and ini file. Enjoy! Join the Japanese Motorsport history discord archive: https://discord.gg/eTsX42m8h3
  13. NightEye87

    Jaguar XJ-13 historically inspired skins 1.1

    Some skins based on historic liveries. I made these years ago, I just corrected them to fit the new UV-map. Both versions are included. Be sure to download the updated physics first. #1 Surtees White - David Hobbs - Jaguar #3 Andretti Green - Mario Andretti - Holman & Moody #8 British Racing...
  14. 67JTM

    Pessio Garage Carpi Skin #31 V1.2

    Based on the Original Blue/white Pattern by Pessio Garage . With real Logos to represent the Car that was driven to a victory at the DRM Race at the Norisring by Jochen Mass in 1975 .
  15. Pasta2000

    Tadashi Sakai's Shelby Cobra Daytona 1966 1.0

    CSX2300 was, like all other Daytona's, sold to collectors or drivers. Except, this car actually continued to race past 1965. Tadashi Sakai bought the car in 1965 for an estimated $14.000 (in 1965 dollars) and took it racing for 2 more years. This livery is how it appeared at the 1966 Suzuka...
  16. GutBomb

    Meadowdale Raceways 1.0

    Welcome to Meadowdale Raceways, later known as Meadowdale International Raceway. This track was in operation from between 1958 to 1969 and with this conversion I've tried to capture how it looked early in it's life in the late 50s and early 60s. It features a large banked corner called the...
  17. Pasta2000

    Le Mans 1966 - 2 GT40 MK II 1.0

    Historical skin of the Le Mans winning GT40 MK II. Includes custom JSON file. Skin requested by Wolfdog. Car can be downloaded for free on ***********.
  18. Pasta2000

    Le Mans 1967 Ford MKII & MKIV skins 1.0

    Included skins: #1 MK IV #2 MK IV #3 MK IV #4 MK IV #5 MKII-B #6 MKII-B #57 MKII-B - Enjoy :)
  19. A

    Lancia Delta S4 (H.Toivonen - S.Cresto) Tour de Corse Rallye 1986 V.1

    Lancia Delta S4 (H.Toivonen - S.Cresto) Tour de Corse Rallye 1986 (Skin Edit) Car Download:Here Map: Coti Chiavari
  20. Pasta2000

    1971 Fuji Japan GP - Nissan Skyline GT-R #3 1.0

    Hello again :) Hereby the first skin I created for the Skyline GT-R from 1971. You can find this model on the Assetto Corsa Database site. Unfortunately this car only has one reference photo in color so hopefully I didn't miss any other details. There will be a lot more liveries for this car...