AI line with new track borders for Blackwood GP and GP Reverse by Tiago Lima 2017-06-28

via AI Line Helper

  1. AccAkut
    This is a new AI line for the permitted Blackwood conversion done by Tiago Lima (

    This fixes the rather erratic behaviour the AI displayed on this track, especially the weird swerving on the long backstraight. On the default AI line both left and right borders were defined by all paved mesh, like the area under the bridge or the junctions from the rallycross track, causing all sort of nooks and crevices which messed the AI wayfinding. Below is a picture of the new line.

    Done with the AI Line Helper App from @Esotic (

    Just copy the "blackwood" folder in the zip into your content/tracks folder, and overwrite when prompted.

    No new lines for the Rallycross layouts or the "No Chicane" layouts included!

Recent Reviews

  1. rubencer
    Version: 2017-06-28
    Nice, Will try it later. Thanks for sharing it!!
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