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Replacement physics for AC DTM 1991 Car Pack by Tommy78

Replacement physics for AC DTM 1991 Car Pack by Tommy78 2

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EDIT: Audi still has the weird judder I can't get dialed out :(


Tommy78's DTM 1991 car pack is a paymod you can aquire here:


The models are really well done, lowish poly but pretty detailed, with 4 proper LODs which means they work well for big grids.
Only downsite (for the AC release of the cars, as he offers them also for RF2) are the physics, as all three cars run on the same suspension (DWB on all corners, very hard sprung) copied from the Kunos Ferrari F40 which is a little off in regards to DTM. Also didn't work too well in a grid with the Kunos E30 and 190E.

So I went on a few day crash course in making them better. These are !not! immaculate recreations of the setups used in the real season (very hard to find any actual information on those, even photos are rare), these are just bringing the cars closer to (what I assume was) reality:


Quattro: Front McPherson suspension similar to Quattro S1 rally car, as that was what they did in real life. Rear DWB. Reworked drivetrain with diff lock values from a similar MTM build car. Lowered engine power.


Omega: Front McPherson suspension. Rear trailing arms. Lowered engine power and aero efficiency. Drives pretty great now. Maybe too good as the real car was a back marker and never won anything.


Mustang: Fox Body front McPherson suspension (patched in Version 2!), rear solid axle from my Glas Exorod. I assume the real Mustang GT ran a four link, but I got this three link worked out well a while ago and it gives the car a good "muscly car feel". Also probably too good.

If you got any input on how to make these better just post in the thread :)

Just copy these into the car folder and overwrite, I included the original files in a separate backup folder per car if you'd need them for some reason.

Spring & damper settings done with Ben Ponsford's VHPA tool

If you like my stuff you can buy me a tea

Latest updates

  1. New rework

    So, before this catches dust again: Audi V8 had its front suspension reworked to get the weird...

Latest reviews

Thank you for fixing this. Great work!
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Really apreciate
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Great mod overall, thanks for this. One issue I found was that the Mustang's front suspension breaks under load (AI, not tested with my own driving).
Yes, I'm already trying to fix it, issue are too generous bump stops. Audi also has weird behaviour I will try to fix. Thanks for the review!
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Awesome! Now we can use these cars for more then just competitors..
(the Audi has kinda much shake in the interior/cockpit, is that intended?)
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