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Falken Supra from the 2000 Nürburgring 24h 0.5

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Did start this skin quite a while ago, never got around finalising it, but some of you may like it anyway, so here's an upload without further changes to it. I'm unsure if I modified the Chivas Supra's shaders, I think I did and made them closer to the typical Kunos shaders, so this skin may look different on the stock on. May require changes to the RGB map.

Anyway this is a replica of the Falken JGTC Supra that took part in the 2000 24h Nürburgring race. It DNF do to a crash, but as long as it ran it illuminated the track with flames from its rich burning 3SGTE engine (no, no 2JZ in it, neither was it V8 already). Model is obviously quite different to the real car, 2000 version of the JGTC car was closer to the streetcar than the variant Chivas did replicate with their mod.


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Amazing! What a coincidence, I was thinking about this car alot recently and then it appeared!
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