acc ferrari 488 gt3

  1. A

    Ferrari 488 Evo Pink Donut livery 1.0

    I made this for a food themed race a year ago. Feel free to use this livery as is or modify it to your liking. If you post pictures with it I'd appreciate if you could @ lastrowmotorsports on instagram or send a link to me. I'd love to see it in action! Extract the archive into your Customs...
  2. jacksparrow9955

    Martini Racing Ferrari 488 GT3 Evo #81 1.1

    Firstly, my first skin for AC, a Martini Racing tribute skin for the incredible Ferrari 488 GT3 Evo 2020 by MasterKey. It is for the Endurace version of the car. [For: ferrari_488_gt3_acc (version 2.0)]. Special thanks to Ahrens for the inspiration, and here is the link to the ACC version...
  3. AlexZwat

    Red devils livery for the ferrari 488 evo 1.2

    La livraison des Diables Rouges pour la Coupe d'Europe 2020
  4. Davozzi

    Ferrari 488 GTE livery 1.4

    I decided to create the skin of Ferrari 488 GTE (2018-2019) for Assetto Corsa Competizione, it took several hours of work but I think that now it's good enough to be shared to the community! The livery is still far to be considered perfect, and I will surely update it when I'll be able to, in...
  5. L

    When I create a custom livery and make a folder in 'Liveries' containing the necessary files, my livery disappears in-game

    I followed all the steps of Boonatix's Video on creating s custom ACC livery, but when i enter the game, it isnt there. I have the DLC and followed all the steps correctly, but my whole car is missing. Does anyone have any advice?
  6. Nemesis2805

    Ferrari 488 GT3 - Red Bull Racing 1.0

    Another Assetto Corsa "Import" but the Carbon version is new ;-) I made these skins 2016 for the F488 Cup by "German Simracing Group (GSG)" Hope you like them =) Greetings Stefan
  7. Ensi Ferrum

    ACC-CDS - Complete Dash Set V2.2.2

    What you can find in the V1.8 update: All dashes for all cars (GT3 + GT4) LEDs mapping for all cars (GT3 + GT4) 2nd Dash (Racelogic and Motec in the Ferrari) Racelogic got an update with V1.8 Tyre Pressure Gadget (Tells you the correct cold pressure) Ingame Dash page (only visible...