1. rayjubb87

    Wanted Simlab SD43-X DDU

    Hoping someone here has this DDU they’re looking to sell. I know Simlab has a newer version on sale at the moment but I much prefer the design of this. It reminds me of the Lumirank displays found in WEC cars, which is what I intend to use it for. If you have one and are thinking of selling...
  2. R

    AMS2 Dash - Mercedes Inspired 1.1

    Speedo: - Both analog and digital readout - Digital change color as speed increases - Includes Odometer - Only in metric units RPM / Torque Dial - Torque Dial on the outside with actual value in the box. - RPM dial on the inside with variable scale based on car data - Red line start based on...
  3. N

    F1 2022 Ultimate Gen 2 Dash V1.1

    FORMULA ULTIMATE GEN 2 DASHBOARD for AMS 2 Extras: - Pit Limiter - DRS Not Working: - ERS Mode
  4. R

    SimHub - Radar/Dashboard for AMS2 1.0

  5. Richard Lofthouse

    Cars correct file for dash editing

    Morning all, still trying to figure out how to edit the dash on the V8 supercars. i can edit what i need in photoshop but when applying the sponsor or image its setting the whole image as a tile affect when saved to the car. Any idea on how to just place one image on a small section of the dash...
  6. Gryzzli_

    Formula E Dash 1.0

    Hi, I created a simple dash for ACFL Formula E. mod: https://www.acfligue.org/produit/formula-e-gen-2-evo-2-v-1-0/
  7. N

    AMS2 Multi GT Dash SimHUB V1.1

  8. Havner

    Dashboard Unified 0.5.2

    rFactor2: rFactor2 on a phone while braking inside a DRS section with some poor tire management: Assetto Corsa with a formula RSS with ERS management while having DRS enabled and some minor damage in front: Assetto Corsa Comptetizione with ABS active during braking and some none optimal...
  9. Rominou

    Drift Gauge for Assetto Corsa Simhub 1.0

    Feel free to modify to your convenance Please include racedepartment link if you upload on your website
  10. Rominou

    Mercedes 190E DTM Simhub HUD 1.0

    Enjoy it, feel free to modify to you convenance. Please mention racedepartment link if you want to upload on your website.
  11. J

    SIMHUB Universal Dashboard 2.1

    My version of a universal Dashboard, inspired by the Gomez Sim Industries Formula Pro Dash Main Display Revlimit Overlay Pit Limit Screen Settings Change Screen
  12. J

    SIMHUB Universal Dashboard

    My version of a universal Dashboard, inspired by the Gomez Sim Industries Formula Pro Dash https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/simhub-universal-dashboard.47357/ Standard Display Pit Limit Screen Setting Change Screen Rev Limit Screen
  13. 905RacingInternational

    Cosworth LMP/Formula Dash for SimHub 1.0

    **iRacing does not broadcast tire telemetry! Created by: 905RacingInternational (Instagram: @905RacingInternational) Features: Idle Screen Pit Limiter Notification Ahead/Behind Timing Lap Timings & Fuel Data Tire & Track Data and Temps Brake & Throttle Inputs Map Pages (zoomed and full track)...
  14. platsnow

    Ipad vertical dashboard 1.0

    I originally intended this to be a personal use dash however it got a little bit of attention so I want to post this The buttons built into the dash and only set up for two keys, * and insert which I use as mute and deafen keys for discord. Some of the parts of the dash may not work properly in...
  15. S

    Sell Sim Lab SD43-X Sim Dash Display (UK)

    duplicate please remove
  16. Javliar

    Engineer Screen by Javliar 1.1

    Hi Guys! !!Dash for F1 2021 is here!! Click the URL to see it :) All informations about my creations are here: https://discord.gg/RxxXHR2PS5 Well, here we go! F1 2021 Engineer Screen v.1.0 is here - screen designed for Engineers (but for lonely drivers as well). First of all, the dash will...
  17. S

    XD junior 1.0

    This is basically a copy of the legendary XD dash tool for GTR2. For now it only works with metric units, if anybody needs it, I can try to make a version for imperial units. It works with SimHub, and can be displayed in VR via the CrewChief plugin. It's obvious what most of the numbers...
  18. George_Boast

    Sell Ultimate game tech V2

    £145 Amazing display. Great for internal and external display. As used in cube control wheels (& I may or may not have borrowed the cube control software and installed it on this device ;) ) Amazing display. Great for internal and external display. As used in cube control wheels (& I may or may...
  19. B

    F1 2021 Simhub Dashboard 1.0

    F1 2021 Simhub dashboard. Your favorite Simhub dashboard is back! Based on the Simhub dashboard from F1 2020, the dashboard now works with F1 2021. Enjoy. Requires Simhub v7.4.7+ Installation: Unzip and install via Simhub file. Changes since F1 2020 Dashboard v1.5.2...
  20. madmike34

    SimHub Overlay ABS/TCS/Brake Bias Info 1.01

    Get rid of those system messages on top of the screen! Now you can quickly check your TCS, ABS and brake bias levels with this tiny useful overlay. Just drag and drop the file into your SimHub main folder.