1. kieranhendy

    Lexus LFA Style Dashboard Texture | DonnerTech ECU 1.0

    This texture pack is based off the Lexus LFA dashboard screen. Note: Due to limitations the text on the screens is still white - currently waiting for a response from the mod author about being able to change the text colour. Note: The needle doesn't change for me but I've included it incase...
  2. Erik_27

    Ferrari488 GT3-GTE Dashboard V1

    If there's something missing or wrong please let me know it on the comments. Please leave a rating if you liked it. To install just download and double click to the archive from inside the .rar. Hope you enjoy it!
  3. Erik_27

    BMW M8 GTE Dashboard V1

    If there's something that can be improved please leave it in the comments and I will come back to your recommendations. If you like it you can rate it and share it w7 your friends. Thanks for the support!
  4. Erik_27

    BMW M4 GT3 Dashboard V4

    To install just extract the BMW M4 GT3 folder to .../SimHub/DashTemplates Feel free to leave your opinions down and some ideas to implement ;)
  5. Erik_27

    Dallara P217 LMP2 Dashboard V3

    To install just extract the Dallara P217 LMP2 to .../SimHub/DashTemplates Feel free to leave your opinions down and ideas to implement ;)
  6. Erik_27

    BMW M4 GT4 Dashboard V3

    I haven't managed to sync Gearbox and diff temperatures to iRacing telemetry, if you know hou to do it please leave it in comments. To install just extract the BMW M4 GT4 to .../SimHub/DashTemplates Feel free to leave your opinions down and ideas to implement ;)
  7. Pablo Cargnelutti

    SimHub SAS Lumirank Driver Info Display 1.0 for ACC 1.0

    SAS Lumirank Driver Info Display 1.0 for ACC, all flag includes: green, double yelow, blue, etc.
  8. Samoss13

    Simhub Dashboard for Nextion – STS NX Evo Final

    2021 : New dash is here ! https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/sts-nx-essential.37329/ Hello folks ! :cool: It’s your Frenchy (btw sorry for my bad english) I’m back to deliver a brand new dash ! This one is for Nextion 4.3" and works well for F1 2020 and Assetto Corsa Competizione. (but...
  9. HeskeyBoy21

    Fixed Throttle and Brake sliders for F1 and F2 dials | F1 2020 1.01

    Compatible with Update 1.14 (Upcoming 1.15 update not confirmed to work yet) :) Makes changes to the dials of both Modern F1 and F2 cars so both throttle and brake inputs are easier to see. I did this by removing the spaces and making the sliders solid and replacing the dials. ILLUSTRATION...
  10. G4ndY

    TC, ABS, LIGHT overlay 1

    Both dash and overlay included
  11. basthard300

    SIMHUB BENTLEY GT3 Lazarus Update for new version of EnsiFerrum Plugins

    my little take for dash of Bentley ;) :):notworthy: taken from video shown in additional info ;) tks Federico Leo obviously Paul
  12. josap11

    Endurance Overlay 0.10

    This set of overlays was created to be used with endurance racing but can be used for anything you like. I hope you enjoy the results of this work and am happy to hear your feedback. This is my first SimHUB release and I know there will be some errors and things that do not work optimally...
  13. Pau Lopez

    Lamborghini gt3 2019 1.4

    Tried to replicate lamborghini gt3 dashboard, I'll keep improveing it . - If you have some ideas or changes , tell me. Thanks.
  14. Propanator

    [SimHub] Colin McRae Rally 2.0 inspired rev gauge 1.0.2

    The rev gauge is heavily inspired by the one appearing in the classic Codemasters game Colin McRae Rally 2.0. This isn't meant to be a 1:1 replica of the thing. You need SimHub to use it. The dash is quite small but it scales very nicely. Meant for on screen overlay use. Hope you like it!
  15. Samoss13

    PRS-STS Formula One Flat Dash 2020 final

    We're back !!! VERSION 2020 Including Ovetake and some new stuff :) Here we are, brand new dashboard for Nextion with FLAT version :) Place PRS-STS_FormulaOneFlat.HMI ; PRS-STS_FormulaOneFlat.hmijmap and PRS-STS_FormulaOneFlat.hmistruct in Program Files (x86)\SimHub\NextionTemplate Place...
  16. Javliar

    Customizable Dash for F1 2020 by Javliar 9.0

    Hi Guys! It's time for a Christmas present! Completely new version of the dash inspired by Mercedes and Ferrari real life dashes. Better. Faster. Prettier. With new features. I spent another around 100 hours redesigning, thinking, writing and rewriting the code, fixing the bugs and adding new...
  17. Javliar

    Simhub - Customizable Dash 1.0

    Hey! After few races with the dash I decided to made a small variation from my previous one as I had small troubles with quick access to the information. It is inspired by Ferrari dash. I believe it is easier to "read" and (most importantly) provides the most important data. Of course, you need...
  18. romainrob

    SimHub Rev lights 1.1.0

    SIMHUB - REV LIGHTS Hi! This is a SimHub overlay. It will work with many SimHub supported games. It comes in 2 versions. Left to right and outside to center: You can adjust the shift point in the SimHub "Car settings" screen, as a general setting or per car: Enjoy!
  19. Javliar

    Customizable dash for all teams 1.4

    Hey! After a week of hard work I present to you my version of dash for F1 2019. I believe it is very easy to "read" and (most importantly) provides the most important data. Of course, you need simhub to run it. The dash is inspired by real F1 dashes recreated by @EduCalza (he did awesome...
  20. romainrob

    AC Cobra – SimHub Dashboard 1.0.2

    AC Cobra – SimHub Dashboard Hi. Here is a SimHub dashboard inspired from the AC Cobra. It can be used as an on screen overlay... Or on an android device. Enjoy!