2019 Suzuka Ferrari Challenge Skin Pack 458 GT2 (24 skins in 4K)

2019 Suzuka Ferrari Challenge Skin Pack 458 GT2 (24 skins in 4K) V2.0

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I present to you all my 100th download for Assetto Corsa, the 2019 Ferrari Challenge skin pack for Suzuka. 24 cars in 4k for the Ferrari 458 GT2. Deluxe carbon finish, Custom Suzuka edition Michelin Tyres, includes my 70th Ferrari Aniversary Driver suit, gloves and helmet. Hope you like it.

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Latest updates

  1. An alternate look, not essential but much improved

    This is the final update for this car bringing it up to date with how I wanted it. Override...
  2. Added trim colour varients, minor livery changes, driver suit, gloves & helmet changes.

    Added trim colour varients, minor livery changes, driver suit, gloves & helmet changes. Just...

Latest reviews

Much appreciate the effort put into these skins. They have re-ignited my interest in this car so looking forward to some spec AIU races at Suzuka. Thanks for sharing
Glad you like them, thanks for the review.
I really like it because it is cool.
Just one point, I care. "Agip"? (I think it should be "Eni")
Lol, Thanks. I prefer the AGIP throwback nod to the 50's petrol station chain before rebranding to Eni.
The original Michelin decals did not bother me, but tbh this looks even better. Thanks for sharing ! ;-)
Thanks, I'm happpy with it now myself. Forgot to mention the headlight glass is now smoked grey instead of yellow tint.
Thanks for the review.
Lovely,lovely work,thank you.
Congrats on your milestone in AC, and thanks for your beautiful work! Absolutely amazing!!!
Glad you like it, thanks for the review.
Some very nice skins for a car with only a few of them. Could these be done for the Feruccio by URD (Basically the 458 GT3 car) as well?
I don't think there is much love left for this car. If only one review of 4 stars then I doubt a URD version is going to be worth the effort to be honest. I do have that mod so I'll look at it but maybe only create a couple of cars. Once the first is done, the rest are easy to bang out quick.

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