Danica Patrick GoDaddy Tribute Chevrolet Impala SS Skin (2013 era)

Danica Patrick GoDaddy Tribute Chevrolet Impala SS Skin (2013 era) 1.0

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Danica Patrick GoDaddy Tribute Chevrolet SS Skin (2013 era)
For use with the RSS Hyperion 2020 mod from RaceSimStudios

An old favorite of mine and always a classic.
Includes helmet, suit, gloves, crew.
Hope you all enjoy


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Great. I am Number 10 and want to use it for a RSS Hyperion League I'm in but not trying to offend you but I don't get why anyone else wants to use it due to the driver lol.
You can never have too much Danica.....lol. You could easily paint out her name and add yours if you so desired.

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