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1999 Nissan Primera BTCC

1999 Nissan Primera BTCC 1.1

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Important !!! if you are using vanilla AC, I think you have to install this, otherwise car with crash and go back to AC menu


additional physics by Giuseppe Abagnale and Ben Lee

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paint template

model, texturing & shaders by Patrik Marek
additional skin work by Jason Madigan, Skyline Design
initial physics & setup tuning by Bobskype and David Massieux
additional physics by Giuseppe Abignale, Ben Lee
sounds by Fonsecker
Testings by Ben Lee, Christophe Boeur and, M41k_R,
Patrik Marek
File size
65 MB
First release
Last update
4.84 star(s) 272 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Reworked physics, wiper and shifting animation, and more fun with lights

    Important !!! if you are using vanilla AC, I think you have to install this, otherwise car with...
  2. important physics tweaks, fixes of visuals and textures, added LODs for better FPS

    Here is our new release of the latest improvements on Primera fixes/tweaks of the previous...
  3. physics tweaks/updates, model fixes

    fixes/tweaks of the previous release 2 biggest issue from previous release fixed - fixing log...
  4. fixes and improvements

    warning - please be aware that for unknown reasons to me, I wasn't able to upload resource file...
  5. V10 tires, tweaks and improvements overal

    And here it is, it took way too long and I think it could still take too long , so we have...

Latest reviews

please help. when i press the start button game is turn back main menu. where is the solve?
Patrik Marek
Patrik Marek
did you install the emissive shader?
The mod itself is astonishing. There's a bug where after like, 5 times of use, the car doesn't work again. When you enter a race, it says "SETUP INVALID".
Patrik Marek
Patrik Marek
Make sure you have tyre blankets on , or raise the front suspension a bit

We will tweak this in new update so that tyre blankets won't be needed
Excellently made car, but.. I've to report a bug: the front spoiler is too rigid and low. Sometimes it stucks into asphalt depressions, flipping the car and messing up the hood. I got a video I made on the Franciacorta autodrome available in this forum.
In the reality, the bumper would make less grip and be more elastic, so there would be a slide instead of an impact
Patrik Marek
Patrik Marek
Can you post the video in here please ?
idem ne fonctionne pas tout installé pourtant
i've done everything, looked through all the shaders, deleted the original file. redownloaded. every time i try to drive it it says race cancelled
Attention to detail in this mod was mad.

I made a video on it here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bEKkXMO7krs&t

It sounds insanely good, and the 3d model of the car is beautiful
Amazing car! Great sounds, details and mainly its fun driving this beauty
I was wondering why I always crash back into the menu with the 1.1 version, but as it seems the shaders patch does the trick.

Beautifully made, nice to drive....must have mod.
Absolutely legendary car. Thank you!
I am very new to Assetto Corsa but these are the cars I grew up watching and can't get enough of driving as I am learning. I love how you can pull these cars out of a slide and bounce them so high off the curbs and still hang onto the line. Hope to see more BTCC mods this good.
I would give more than a five star if possible, but it's one of the top car mods for AC at the moment.
Won't launch - Fresh install of AC - select Primera, click race, loading screen comes up briefly then bounced back to AC menus.
Patrik Marek
Patrik Marek
did you install the shader? that's in the description ?
Not starting at all
top of the top
io però ho un problema al momento della partenza mi dice setup invalido clicca per riprovare.non riesco a partire in pista
great, thank you very much!
hi can t understand why don t run on my pc? ultimate edition ac i have yhe car but return to menu i can t play with nissan primera19999
Patrik Marek
Patrik Marek
Have you installed the shader thats in the link and description ?
Excellent Mod :)
Excellent :)
la uso da mesi questa mod..per me la mod migliore di sempre! poi ora con l'animazione delle cambiate ha raggiunto la perfezione assoluta! ora è troppo perfetta..hahahahahha
Beautiful mod. Tricky to master, but a bit of patience and some setup tweaks soon make this car a hoot to drive.

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