Who Was Your Sim Racing 'Developer of the Year'?

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Who Was Your Sim Racing Developer of the Year?

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2018 had plenty of highlights in the world of sim racing, with big moves from many of the sim racing development teams - but who impressed you the most?

New games, big updates, impressive licence acquisitions, feature improvements, 2018 pretty much had it all. With such a rich amount of marketplace movement this year, picking a development team to single out as the most impressive is almost impossible - but it is a challenge we ask you all to rise to with this latest end of year awards article!

Let us know who you think was the most impressive sim racing developer during the last 12 months by voting in the poll and commenting below! Oh, and try to be civil about it all please folks :)

*Please note, the title's mentioned in the poll next to the developer name are just some of the games developed by the studio, and should be used for reference only. The poll refers to the work undertaken by the respective studio throughout 2018, and not just to the games referenced in the poll.

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Gulf Air

Nov 4, 2017
Codemasters (F1 2018, DiRT) - the best!


Apr 3, 2013
I still love to race in Assetto Corsa, but considering the development of ACC in the last couple of months I more and more stick with ACC. Kudos to Kunos for beating themselves with ACC :thumbsup: I love this sim! :inlove:


Apr 27, 2013
Why is AC there they never developed anything in 2018 from my knowledge so its adding to the vote ?
ACC yes.
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Aug 18, 2015
Flipping a coin between Reiza and Kunos. Same as last year

But since likes of Kylotonn and Milestone are mentioned, Bugbear would deserve a poll option, as the full release of Wreckfest (2018) was very good and leaning to simcade territory more than pure arcade

Paul Jeffrey

RaceDepartment Editor-in-Chief
Original poster
Jun 5, 2009
I've voted S397 and rFactor 2. The reason? Although I've always admired rF2 all these years, the way that Marcel and co have dedicated the time and effort, in many of the right places, has really brought the game up levels never before thought possible.

Simply taking on the task to develop rF2 deserves credit in itself, but the sheer volume of improvements that have appeared in the sim are so very impressive. Hopefully 2019 will bring more of the same, and continue to see the title improve, which for my at least, is a superbly exciting thing to enjoy.

With all that said, serious kudos to everyone in sim racing, it is a magic time to be involved in it all, and each and every sim has something stand out impressive about it. I love 'em all (well ok, most), and even the ones I really don't like all have some things they do very, very well.

2019 should be pretty awesome.

Ville-Samuli Mutanen

Aug 5, 2009
Gotta say Kunos because the only bad thing about ACC is the graphics engine which is not made by them. They did the decision to use it but I still want to believe they also want to clean up the mess. :)

Edit: 2nd place goes to S397 but it's kind of unfair situation because you cannot do worse than ISI did with the title. That's why whatever you do it looks quite impressive. :roflmao:
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Piero Favretti

Oct 31, 2010
Unquestionably Studio 397 for what they aimed to accomplish, for getting it done and superbly so, exceeding expectations in the process. The best by a long shot leading sim racing to the next level.
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Shaun Clarke

Nov 20, 2014
Well my vote (a little obvious) went to Kunos. Why, well they have helped me so much in doing what I do with MODS for AC and I cannot thank them enough.

I just wish I was younger with the opportunities that have had over the last 18 months to take them up as a full time job, but hay, age and responsibilities comes before "hobbies"