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TCR is Coming to AC Club Racing!

TCR Coming to RD Club Racing 1.jpg

By popular demand, the epic SEAT Leon TCR will be coming to our Assetto Corsa Club Racing servers... starting this Friday 29th June!

The SEAT TCR, developed by the wonderful Shaun Clarke and team, is a simply majestic community modification for Assetto Corsa and almost perfectly captures the spirit of the rapidly growing TCR regulations that are taking touring car racing by storm these last few years.

TCR Coming to RD Club Racing 3.jpg

With such a fine level of development having been lavished on the car, and because all at RaceDepartment love us some touring car action, we think the time is right to introduce this little beauty into our club racing schedule.. as such the TCR SEAT will be making its debut at our next Friday night spectacular, promising a full field of these beasts around the stunning Kent countryside at the Brands Hatch Grand Prix Circuit in England...

All you need to do to take part is be a Premium member of RaceDepartment, download the latest version of the mod HERE and sign up in the comments section of our race thread HERE.

TCR Coming to RD Club Racing 4.jpg

This is a very exciting move for our Friday night events, and we hope you enjoy the change of scene as we look to make these events the kind of success worthy of such a quality mod.

Come along, have some fun and get those wingmirrors knocked off the car in some close and hard online racing action!

Sign up for the Friday night TCR racing action HERE.

Oh and before I forget, this isn't just a one off race! The TCR will be our car of choice every Friday night in Assetto Corsa for the near future, where our awesome race staff will be looking to get the AC hype train in full swing with x2 20 minute race events, free practice server and open setups - this is going to be epic!

TCR Coming to RD Club Racing 2.jpg

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Happy to see the TCR SEAT coming to our Club Racing events? Looking forward to taking this cool car online in RD events? Let us know in the comments section below!
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Feb 20, 2014
Why would someone dislike this? O.o
I mean...if you don't like TCR cars don't click it and then dislike, just bamboozle off!


I know, for I told me so
Feb 14, 2015
A great mod and very good for close racing. I've had a few good online races with this car, none as close as this one.

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Shaun Clarke

Nov 20, 2014
I wish the toe settings on the setup could be revisited but it seems no one cares :)
Hi there, Please don't say I don't care, as you know how passionate I am, I have had some scary health issues (enrythrocytosis, to be exact) which I have kept away from sim racing ( put it this way had my first proper race last night for 2 months)

If you want to me re-visit something, please mate, just PM me and I will see what I can do.

@Paul Jeffrey WOW this is awesome stuff, and thank you, everybody for your kind words, will try and get on this when and where possible.



Paul Jeffrey

RaceDepartment Editor-in-Chief
Staff member
Jun 5, 2009
Hi there, Please don't say I don't care, as you know how passionate I am, I have had some scary health issues
Damn mate, sorry to hear and get well soon! Hey, maybe we can do that interview one day, when we stop taking it in turns being unwell! lol :)
Jun 19, 2009
Love this mod!!! simply a blast to drive and would love to join you guys, but I work Thursdays thru Saturdays. Good luck all and have fun.