1. 1 Year

    10.00 EUR for 1 year
    Upgrade your account to premium for only €10 and get access to a full year of organized online racing, discounts on payware mods, games, hardware and other items, personal online driver training with a coach, ad-free browsing experience on the site and a whole bunch of other great features listed below.

Perks of membership
As a Premium Member of RaceDepartment you are helping us to pay for our growing monthly server bills.​
In return you receive an extensive pack of fantastic features as a premium member:
  • 100% advertisement free browsing of our website and forums.
  • Top discounts on simracing games, payware mods, hardware and other great items in the Premium Member Discounts forum.
  • Private 90 minute online driving school course in the Premium Driver Academy with support from a live tutor to improve your racing skills in a racing game of your choice.
  • Race online in our daily casual racing clubs and professional leagues.
  • Full access to The Paddock Club our popular private forum for premium members.
  • Exclusive usage of Our Videos Page to upload and host your photos and to share your videos with our hundred thousands of visitors.
  • No bandwidth limitations when up- or downloading modfiles from and to our downloads section.
  • Sell your second hand sim racing gear in our Sim Racing Marketplace.
  • Exclusive RD Blue username and rank tag.
  • Create a forum nickname for internet privacy reasons and display a real name to only other premium members. Search engine safe!
  • Create a unique custom user title that will display below your username.
  • Create a unique signature that is visible on all the posts you make on the forums.
  • Include Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and Twitch accounts in your postbit and boost your followers.
  • Have an increased say in possible changes to the site.
  • Be the first to know when extra features are added.
  • Add up to 15 people in private conversations.
  • Add up to 15 people in tags.
  • Request a username change.
  • Increased avatar quality (52kb vs 20kb)
  • See who up- or down-voted a post
  • Unlimited time to edit your own forum posts.
  • Unlimited time to edit your own conversation messages.
  • Bigger prizes to be won for our leagues.
Do you have more questions about our premium membership package? Want to know what other perks there are? Please contact us via email.

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