1. K

    Seat Leon TCR DSG - Dinoco 1.0

  2. shadow118

    WTCR Golf Black Rose Racing 1.0

    Black Rose Racing livery for the WTCR Golf GTI. Driven by Tuomas Halonen in the BaTCC and BEC6H

    Next-Gen Marcas 0.60

    NOTES & KNOWN ISSUES I welcome any constructive criticism, good or bad. Please use the support section to ask questions or notify me of any issues. Please do not use the review section to do this. This mod is currently in a WiP state. I've prioritised getting this working for clubs to run...
  4. E

    Team Dynamics 24H Series Audi RS3 TCR 2019 1.1

    Once again not the exact model used so had to make some adjustments around arches etc also unable to find out what some small logo's on the car were every picture most photographers seem to take at multi-class event's is just the GT3's :/ . Also slightly adjusted the windscreen banner and...
  5. S

    tcr golf gti estrella fictional skin. 2019-09-24

    First ever skin, fictional for roll overs tcr golf gti.
  6. Paul Jeffrey

    WTCR: Race of China Discussion Thread

    Welcome to the central discussion thread for the next round of the FIA WTCR at Ningbo, China. Fresh from an extended break of over two months, the WTCR field return to action once again at the tight and technical Ningbo International Speedway circuit in the Zhejiang province of China...
  7. Paul Jeffrey

    iRacing: Audi RS3 LMS TCR Preview

    iRacing have revealed a new preview trailer of the upcoming Audi RS3 LMS TCR car set to join the simulation this September. Having been in the works for a little while, including the odd teaser mention in recent videos and news snippets from the studio, we now finally have some official...
  8. Paul Jeffrey

    WTCR Race of Slovakia Discussion Thread

    The FIA WTCR is back in action again this weekend, with the impressive Slovakiaring the venue for rounds 7, 8 and 9 of the new season. Having been the surprise package of the year so far, Honda should have a much tougher time of it in Slovakia thanks to the latest round of Balance of...
  9. Paul Jeffrey

    TCR: MG6 XPOWER TCR Concept Revealed

    The now Chinese owned MG brand have revealed a potential new TCR specification race car at the Auto Shanghai Show recently. Provisionally called the MG6 XPOWER, the new TCR specification car has been designed for competition in the many national and international TCR championships around the...
  10. A

    WTCR 2019 - Tom Coronel - Seat Leon TCR 2019-02-26

    WTCR 2019 - Tom Coronel - Seat Leon TCR
  11. Paul Jeffrey

    Endurance Touring Car Racing Returns to Spa

    Spa-Francorchamps will see long distance touring car racing return this year - with confirmation of the brand new TCR Spa 500 standalone scheduled for 4th-6th October. Set to run exclusively for TCR specification cars, the new standalone long distance race is to be organised and run in a joint...
  12. derick_pereira

    Tom Coronel Honda Civic Type R TCR 2018-10-22

    Extract the rar file Go to - Project CARS 2 - Vehicles - Textures - CustomLiveries Replace the 'honda_civic_rx_livery' DDS file
  13. Paul Jeffrey

    Tiago Monteiro to Make Racing Return at Suzuka WTCR Round

    After more than 12 months out of action, WTCR Honda driver Tiago Monteiro will return to racing at the upcoming Japanese round of the WTCR. Monteiro, formally of Jordan and Midland/Spyker Formula One fame in the mid 2000's, has been out of racing action for several months following a high speed...
  14. Yggdrasil92

    Golf 7 TCR GTI Designe 1

    GTI Skin for the Golf 7 TCR. The skin was on with that the car was presentation. The skin is not 100% correct because the 3D-model of the mod is not 100% correct with the real car. I made not a 100% correct work on the skin too.
  15. Paul Jeffrey

    RaceRoom Racing Experience WTCR 2018 Released

    RaceRoom Racing Experience has returned from maintenance with seven new cars available to purchase.. the 2018 FIA WTCR is here! We've heard plenty about these new cars on the build up to release, and now finally we have the opportunity to take them out on the virtual circuits in RaceRoom Racing...
  16. Paul Jeffrey

    RaceRoom WTCR Tomorrow - New VW Previews

    The final preview image of the upcoming WTCR DLC for RaceRoom Racing Experience is here - give a warm RD welcome to the mighty VW Golf GTI TCR... The VW group have had something of a troubled time over the last few years, dieselgate and a mass exodus for brands under the VW Group umbrella...
  17. Paul Jeffrey

    Peugeot 308TCR RaceRoom Racing Experience DLC Preview

    A preview a day keeps the WTCR anticipation at bay! In the latest WTCR DLC previews for RaceRoom Racing Experience we are introduced to the... Peugeot 308TCR! Peugeot started out the new 2018 WTCR season very much as underdog against the big name teams and drivers, fielding a very new car and...
  18. Paul Jeffrey

    RaceRoom: Alfa Romeo Giulietta TCR Preview

    In the second preview reveal for the WTCR Powered by Oscaro DLC for RaceRoom Racing Experience, we get a look at the wonderful Alfa Romeo Giulietta TCR... Driven with little success so far in the 2018 WTCR series by touring car legend Fabrizio Giovanardi and former Grand Prix driver Gianni...
  19. Paul Jeffrey

    2018 FIA WTCR Coming to RaceRoom Next Update!

    Sector3 Studios have revealed a new set of preview images from the upcoming WTCR 2018 DLC for RaceRoom Racing Experience... welcome the lovely Cupra TCR... Confirmed to be coming to RaceRoom Racing Experience as part of the next build update for the simulation, the 2018 FIA WTCR set of cars...
  20. hihihaha

    General WTCR 2018 - I need a car modeler,and a painter

    Hello, I try to make the WTCR 2018 mod,but first i need a modeler who can make the model of Honda,Hyundai and the Peugeot. I can make the car skins,today i will start the Audi,Alfa Romeo and the Cupra. I will need one more person who can make the drivers helmets and the drivers overalls. If you...
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