seat leon tcr

  1. Mark0

    ETCC 2016 1.0

    Requirements: TCR/WTCR Mod by raul_ninja Race 07 with all DLC's or Race Injection Install instructions: Unzip, copy and replace files in yours game folder Credits: Simbin for Race 07/GTR Evolution/Race On/Race Injection SRCarvalho for TCR Series Mod + 2015 season + WTCR 2018 mod Merlin and...
  2. I'm still in love with both of you (Seat Leon TCR and Highlands Short) - Assetto Corsa

    I'm still in love with both of you (Seat Leon TCR and Highlands Short) - Assetto Corsa

    Seat Leon TCR - 2018 (Shaun Clarke & others) | Assetto Corsa (1.16.3) | Kunos Simulazioni | Highlands Short (Kunos + Config-Files) | Sol 1.4 (Peter Boese) | ...
  3. zerobandwidth

    Daniel Juncadella livery pack for SEAT Leon TCR 1.0.1

    Daniel Juncadella sponsors series with various cars on SimRacingSystem, including the SEAT Leon TCR. As a livery-design exercise, and to contribute something cool back to SRS, I have begun adapting the liveries from Dani's real-life race cars onto the SEAT. Version 1.0 of the pack covers...
  4. Paul Jeffrey

    TCR is Coming to AC Club Racing!

    By popular demand, the epic SEAT Leon TCR will be coming to our Assetto Corsa Club Racing servers... starting this Friday 29th June! The SEAT TCR, developed by the wonderful Shaun Clarke and team, is a simply majestic community modification for Assetto Corsa and almost perfectly captures the...
  5. TheNoxGamer

    RedBull Racing Seat Leon TCR 2018 1.2

    Español: Esta es una skin fantasy basada en el diseño del RB14 de Formula 1 de Aston Martin RedBull Racing para el Seat León TCR 2018. Necesario: Instalación: Descomprimir el archivo .rar en el directorio principal del juego...
  6. shadow118

    Seat Leon TCR Reinis Nitiss WRX 1.1

    Reinis Nitiss WRX 2016 season livery for the Seat Leon TCR. It's not the right Seat (Nitiss drove the Ibiza in WRX), but they look similar enough and this livery also looks good on the Leon :) You can download the Seat Leon TCR here...
  7. S

    Seat Leon TCR 2018 Black and White V1.0

    Seat Leon TCR 2018 Black and White Liveries This was requested with the Ginetta, so we thought we would do the same. These are plain liveries that teams use while testing before announcing their team liveries on media day. Extract in to the Skins folder.
  8. Paul Jeffrey

    Feature: Sim Racing Personalities - Shaun Clarke (Modder)

    In our first behind the scenes 'sim racing personalities' feature article, we talk with prominent Assetto Corsa modder Shaun Clarke... The man behind the excellent Ginetta and SEAT mods for Assetto Corsa, Shaun has risen to prominence within the modding community in a very short space of...