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Seat Leon TCR - 2018

Seat Leon TCR - 2018 V1.7

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We are proud to release the Seat Leon TCR

There have been some major changes compared to the Eurocup version witch was based on a 2014 version of the car. This is based on the 2018 UKTCR Series and I am so pleased to say that I have had help from a real life driver in the TCR UK, Carl Swift. He has provided me with information, stats and at every point I have sent him videos to see what his thinks and gain his feedback.

I have also been provided with an onboard lap (which I cannot share yet) of his lap at Silverstone with full telemetry which enable me to match the car, lap for lap, rev for rev and gear for gear, which for a modder, is GOLD.

I did a comparison video for my team (Real vs AC) just so they could see how close we have got.

I have permission to share this at a later date

What are the changes?
Model changed to TCR Spec
420NM of Torque
Turbo degrades with the revs
Limiter set to 6800rpm, but this is not the optimal gear change
Texture changes and updated
Gear Ratios
Final Drive
Steering Ratios
Suspension modified
Tyres Medium Yokohama Slicks
Tyre Radius set correctly
AI Improved
Sounds by Fonsecker (Exclusive, never released, and granted full permission)
New Liveries – This was our way to say thank you to the people that have helped and advised along the way, so thank you to you all
New Templates (availble shortly)
Head lights (Drive by LED’s) and brake lights fixed
Cock pit LEDS match real life LEDS
New Preview Pictures


Massive credit to Carl Swift for the help / advice and guidance from a Real Live TCR Driver, without him, this would have never been possible

Original Model by Tamas Pongracz
Textures by After_Midnight
3d work by Nays Winson
Sounds by Fonsecker
LODS by Dreamer
Physics by Shaun Clarke
Preview Picture by @Retrolux Preview Generator in Content Manager
Liveries by After Midnight and Federico Fetto

We don't ask for donations, but what we do ask is, Please do not share, distribute, change, without express permission from my team, I think that's fair?

I hope you enjoy it, and any problems, please report on the Support Section.

Kindest Regards

Shaun Clarke
Shaun Clarke
File size
184.2 MB
First release
Last update
4.95 star(s) 232 ratings

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Latest reviews

I am new to sim racing on pc so using a controller at present. This mod is awesome, the handling and the sound are brilliant. Can only imagine how good it would be with a wheel.
So much fun
Brilliant! This is honestly some of the most fun I've had in a while, great work! I do have a minor issue though..is it just me, or is anyone else having trouble heating the rear tyres?
Coche excelente, muy bien detallado y sonido muy bueno.
Muy recomendable! Gracias!
Shaun Clarke
Shaun Clarke
Thank you. V2.0 is almost ready, and it has a new "play mate" Cupra TCR :)
Thank you so much. This car is wonderful td drive, the handling is spot on. The reflections in the body work of the car are amazing and the sound is a real "growl"
I have sound problem
Shaun Clarke
Shaun Clarke
Can you tell me what this is please?
excellent work
Awsum, thanks so much for the efforts to bring this car to AC, love your work. I have a number of your mods and this is another nive car , great modelling and most important fun to drive.

PS: I have v1.9 from www.simracingsystem.com download site links and LCD (gear) works fine for me. Not sure why racedept is still the old v1.7 and has not been maintained?
In the v1.8 the gear in the LCD doesn´t show. Is this a bug?
Great car !!
good one
good job
great mod excellent car, awesome job
Out of all of the mod cars I've downloaded, this is my favorite.
The skins are awesome too, especially the gamer muscle one, which I found to be very funny.
Fun close racing, great work.
Thnx to you delpinsky and also to Shaun. Great mods.
Shaun released the V1.8 on his website, with working wiper animation, internal glass for raindrops and visibile windows numbers in cockpit. So please download the newer version at: https://shaunclarke35.wixsite.com/website?fbclid=IwAR1k9UAmoJhJ39r2673U0ejoYnLvQdXu-y2Sh8IWMbI_Zb-8wvoi7oa76Jk
This is one of the best FWD cars in sim racing. Absolutely outstanding. Great job.
Gracias y gran trabajo ¡¡¡¡¡
superb car, extremely fun!
awesome car

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