TC-65 Ford Falcon Vs Porsche 912 @ Zolder Tue 27th Aug 2013

Denis Betty

The older I get, the better I was.
Great evenings racing and great fun thanks guys and thanks Rupe for organising. See you all again soon.


Excellent fun again, gents. Shame I could only last one race, but if R2 was as good you must have all had fun.:)
Too bad that in R1 the cars didn't seem to match as well as on paper, but with great numbers :thumbsup: like this it shoudn't be a problem. Or maybe R1 just had all the :alien:s in the Falcon:D.
I had a great time battling it out with Jack, Silvino and some others and ended where I started, somewhere around P8.
Only downside was that my G25 H-shifter was announcing its demise :cry: as it kept dropping out of 3rd gear into neutral while the stick was still engaged:O_o:. I've been using only H-shifting for so long, I think I'll have to learn to drive again using the flappy paddles:redface:
Or find the money for one of these high-end shifters...

Thanks Rupe for setting up the event, and to all others for a nice race!

Rupe Wilson

Fast guys are fast, they were also fast in the Porsche . What looked good in lap times in practice did not work as planned in the race times on track from a wider group.
On a open track i had 158:xxx in the falcon and a 159:xxx in the Porsche
In hindsight the Porsche should of been the faster car as with a second car that had the speed on the straight.. my mistake sorry guys :redface:

oh well we live and learn.
Some guys were quicker in different cars and in places the field was closer together.
It can always be a problem when we have upto 16 seconds difference in lap times
With a big group of drivers it always going to be hard even if we all used the same car we would be spread out.

Speaking of spread out, In qually we have 10 mins to set a lap time
so technically you have the first just over 5 mins to get out on track, so there should be no reason to bunch up all leaving the pits in the first 30 sec of qually,
you can leave 20 seconds between each exit of car from the pit lane and should not see a car on track..
2 times i asked you to leave a gap yet both times i see cars getting really close to each other on track,
more so with this combination of cars.. Its up to you guys to make this work there is no magical way of doing it, just look at who is in front of you and leave a gap big enough, there will always be a chance you catch somebody if they make a mistake on there qually lap, if you have made a mistake and are being caught by a driver let him through safely do try and race him..and effectively spoil his lap.

Now let look forward to a new track to learn over the next month, put what you have learnt this last month into practice for the next month..

Imola is a new track for most of us so lets start off easy and go from there:)
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Rupe Wilson

Yes it is a old sim but what you have here is a combination of a good group of guys who all meet up one or twice a week for a bit of fun and a drive as well as the guys who love classic cars
and of course the fact that this sim still kicks arse.. it has every thing you need in it,
Yes its looking a bit dated in comparison to the new ones but each car drives and feels different which to me is a big bonus in a sim.. each car has different values to its racing but all can be driven with fun and this makes for close racing when you get up to speed with the cars, it is hard to master, but we also have some very fast drivers in the club.
As we have said before you can put a fast driver in most cars and he will be quick, i have to practice allot to get to were im at and thats still 2 seconds of the fast guys in some cars..
but i drive with a smile on my face and enjoy the fun way to much to worry about the position i finish.

Its all about the driving not the position we finish.
Gentleman's racing at its best ...
the last think i want is to scratch my car or put a dint in it...:whistling:

Mate Orban

I know this track well. so I practiced only two hours, just to make the setups.
The two car was completly different, so it was a big challenge for me to perform well in both races.

I outbraked myself on the qualy lap at the 2nd chicane, it was a 2sec. slower lap, than my pb.
It was enough for the second place. I saw that Dmytro also messed up his qualy lap. He was the strongest opponent this time, so I decided to wait him in the race....just for the competition.

I had a good start, I managed to pull away. I tried to save my tires after the first few laps, so I slowed down a bit.
Rupe was behind me with Yves. The gap between Dmytro and me was about 4secs., when I started to pull away and do 100%.
I tried to keep that gap, it worked for a few laps, but than my rear tires gave up the battle and I switched to drift mode.:confused::D
I made no mistakes and I finished in 1st place with a safe 2 or 3 sec. distance.
I think I had the fastest lap too...but it doesn't really matter.

The Porke was much lighter, than the different handling.
I spent at least 10 mins. to get used to this little german, after that big Ford.:rolleyes:
The car was not very stable under braking, so I didn't push it to the limit on my qualy lap.
I got the 2nd place again, behind Dmytro.

Start was okay. I was faster than Dmytro on cold tires, so I tried to overtake him a few times.
We had a little contact at the 2nd chicane, because I was a little agressive and he didn't left me enough room...but it was okay, we did it in BTCC style.:D
I let him go, because i didn't want to ruin his or mine race in the first lap.
Our race lines and braking points were so different, so I decided to follow him for a while to recognize his technique...maybe I will find some opening on his shield.:ninja:
He did some fast laps and built a little gap. I only managed to get closer at around the 7th lap or maybe a bit earlier. I saw, that he cut the 1st chicane in almost every lap. 4 wheels on the kerb and zero on the track. Like I did on that airport circuit with the Scirocco.:redface:

I always got closer in the last sector, but he escaped after the 1st chicane. We did this till the tires started to wear. I reduced the gap to 0.5. He felt the pressure and made a mistake at the 1st chicane and spun off.
Few laps later I spun off too at T2.:rolleyes: But it was just a 360 spin, so I didn't leave there too much time.
Finished again in 1st place with a safe gap.

Thank you Rupe for the organization and thank you guys for this great night.
I had two fantastic races, filled with entertaining battles.

It's good to be back again.:D

Jack Smith

:) I again enjoyed the morning or afternoon or evening of racing ..depending upon where you live ..say Texas or Canada, or England , or Australia or South Africa or Holland or where ever.
Good to see high numbers attending but as we know things can get a little out of the comfort zone as we know it with so many new drivers but as all get on board with how things run here it should be great. Just referring to the leaving of gap in qualie. What I noticed was some slowing to create a gap but only to be passed by the trailing driver... when they should have also slowed and created their own gap, and so on and so on down the line. As stated by Rupe " This is a gentlemen's club" and we are proud of that fact. :)

I won't bore people with my superb driving but just to say all around me used good patience when in tight situations.
My only regret was that I was doing quite well for my situation only to messed up by own lack of concentration...several times in those #@%& chicane's. Yes, had a good thing going with Roland only to do the slow spin of death.;)

Well done Rupe, podiums and all drivers.

Come on next Tuesday.:thumbsup:
Had two horrible races due to errors of my own, but had a good evening nonetheless. :)
Thanks to all drivers, hope to see you again tonite but not sure if I'll make it back home in time.
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