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Server Setup Issues

Thanks mate for all the help. Even tho it did not work in the end, thanks a ton for the effort and everything man. Really appreciate it
Any chance that your ISP router is blocking ports or has some agressive firewall settings? Maybe issue is on this side not TPlink's ? Seen cases like that with dumb boxes provided by ISP's in the past.
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Any idea how to check/fix them?
call your ISP and actually ask them if they are blocking out/incoming traffic on some ports. Some provided routers may have option to block/nblock traccif yourself, some are only accessible by tech support depending on your ISP. but worth asking them
I asked them what they know about it, and they asked me what i needed it for. Then they said they dont know anything about it. They sounded fishy so i am guessing its them not allowing the ports rather than anything else.