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Server Setup Issues

Hey Lads,
I was trying to setup a server on Assetto Corsa, PC. And even after adding the UDP and HTTP ports in I'm having some troubles. Can someone help me out?
Ive attached the ss below of my settings and errors.


  • 2021-03-25 (1).png
    2021-03-25 (1).png
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  • 2021-03-25 (2).png
    2021-03-25 (2).png
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  • 2021-03-25 (3).png
    2021-03-25 (3).png
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Try adding 8081 UDP to your list of Incoming Ports/Protocols

9600 UDP
9600 TCP
8081 UDP
8081 TCP

In addition make sure that the Local IP Address
Is the Local IP Address of the machine running the Server.
Hey even after making the IP static, and including the ports it is still giving me the same error.
Although after making the ip static i could not browse anything on the net
I'd say ur local configuration is completely messed.

Whats your routers ip? The one you gain access to the web template of your router. or

If you dont access ur router this way, open a cmd-shell and type "ipconfig /all". Your routers ip is located as primary gateway or smth like this. Sry, all my clients are in german, so I dont know how its really named in english or any other language.

Did you fill enter all values at your client, e.g.

IP-Adress: <= this will be your local ip, to which you need to forward 9600 and 8081
Gateway: <= your routers ip here
Primary DNS-Server: <= Google DNS-Server
Secondary DNS-Server: <= Google DNS-Server
Why dont you just use ALL as protocol as its written on the right side of your first screenshot?

Edit: And No, you dont need to do any virtual settings. Just forward the ports to your client.
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Under forwarding settings it gives me two options where i can add ports.
One is virtual settings and the other is port triggering so i should add the ports to which one?
OK, had to google your router, and its done with the virtual stuff. Never had this before, but I've also never used a TP-Link.

According to this webside- cfos.de/de/cfos-personal-net/port-forwarding/tp-link-tl-wr841n.htm - point #5, the TP-Link can use HTML as protocol. And port 8081 need to be in "HTML-mode", 9600 needs both TCP and UDP. Did you check if the ports are really open?

Just checked your ip from the second screenshot and the ports are reported as closed:

there is no HTML-mode in the list, I selected the HTTP mode and added the values.
Then went and checked on


but it says they are closed only :(