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RDRC S9 Round 2 - Rally Sweden (15th February - 21st February 2021)

Ole Marius Myrvold

JWB 96-13

Monte Carlo hasn't even become a distant memory, and we are already moving on to the next round, to the snowy forests in Värmland, Sweden. Tyre choices will be much easier here than in Monte Carlo as there is only one option. The rally will cover 123.78km spread over 12 stages. Making it a long rally that will test the drivers concentration.

Rally Monte Carlo saw 270 drivers attempt to conquer the famous rally, with some failing, but many succeeding in their attempt. To read more about what happened in Monte Carlo, or maybe take a look at some of our RDRC-veterans who have been with us since the very first season back in 2010, head into the Rally Magazine to read up on this and more!

View the Sweden Edition of the RDRC Rally Magazine here.
the Sweden Edition of the RDRC Rally Magazine here (38.1mb)

RDRC Rally Magazine is designed and developed by: RACEmotion (Jack Hintz), Ole Marius Myrvold and Michael Nelson

Ole Marius Myrvold

JWB 96-13

Important Notes:
  • The Rally is from 15th February 00:00 UTC until 21st February 23:59 UTC. You must finish and have uploaded your times from the last stage before the end-time to register the stage result.​
  • Remember to join the correct league/club for the class you drive in. If not, you will not be able to participate.​
  • If your name on the results shown at dirtrally2.dirtgame.com doesn't match what you signed up with, or doesn't match what you have on the official entry list (see first post in the Sign-Up thread) and fail to inform us about your correct name within 48 hours of the provisional results being published. You will be removed from the results. There will be no exceptions to this. See Directors Note for rules-clarification on this.
  • If you haven't signed up, you can do that here. You must sign-up to be able to participate. The sign-up must be accepted and valid before the end of the rally to be accepted.​
  • Feel free to take screenshots and videos and share it in our Rally World Thread. Screenshots can be end up being included in the next magazine!​
  • Feel free to share your experience from the rally in this thread, share the perfect runs and the perfect failures! All in the name of fun!​
  • Driving in more than one class will lead to an instant DQ(removal) from the results.
  • Any rule changes will be posted in the Directors Note Thread. Please keep yourself updated on any changes.
  • Good luck and have fun!! :)

Ole Marius Myrvold

JWB 96-13

FInal Results are out! You can find them here!

Point Scoring drivers overall

Point Scoring drivers RDRC-2

Point Scoring drivers RDRC-3

Point Scoring drivers J-RDRC

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Ole Marius Myrvold

JWB 96-13
And with all this information, the thread for Rally Sweden is... open. A bit over a day until the rally starts, and it's time for the drivers and crews to start preparing for the snow!

On behalf of the whole RDRC-Crew, I wish everyone a great time in the snow. While it is a novelty, you will lose time if you stop to make a snowman! Regardless, remember to have lots of fun!
As with Monte Carlo - and everything that went into prep even before that - thank you very much to everybody involved for setting this up - and thank you very much for putting out these magazines. These things make this feel like a real championship as compared to just some random events taped together by the forum. Especially during these times where the real world is just a tad too crazy, I love being able to "escape" myself from that and step into a different world, this world. Thanks guys.
pracci done. find it hard to concentrate on the co-driver calling shots even though it's even more important here, where everything looks pretty much the same.
cannot get over how well codemasters has done the snowbanks. i remember when they first came out in this version in Dirt Rally after some weeks, we were all amazed, first snowbanks in any game i have played that feel sort of real.
My two years of German in school is really put to the test now! :p

Thanks for watching a bit Ole, was nice to see your name pop up, although the pressure somehow was upped by the events admin coming in to see what the participants do :D

Also finished, so-so happy with the results. First half of the Rally went really good, however, later on I struggled a bit to keep it on track.