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    The RaceDepartment Le Mans Series by Vesaro is right around the corner, read on for more details and how you can get involved in the opening Thrustmaster 6 Hours of Imola on March 4th.

    The long awaiting RDLMS by Vesaro returns to RaceDepartment with the Thrustmaster 6 Hours of Imola on Saturday 4th March. With top teams duelling it out on the track in the Prototype class against a field of competitive and motivated rivals, and a GTE field simply crammed pack full of speed and potential, the action out on track is sure to be fierce throughout the duration of the upcoming season.

    We still have a limited number of places available for the seventh running of this endurance epic, and you could join in the action and be in with a chance to win some pretty epic prizes courtesy of our generous series partners Vesaro and Thrustmaster.

    If you are a team or driver looking to take part in the upcoming season you can sign your team up up here.

    The Driver
    If you are a driver looking for a ride during the season just pop along and leave your details in the appropriate section for our series teams to review your details (Premium membership required). Remember you don't need to be the next Nigel Mansell to race here, endurance racing is more about consistency and an analytical racing brain than it is overall pace. Endurance racing is a team sport, and only a true team can hope to come home in first place at the end of the season. All you need to do is leave a post here with your availability, class preference and maybe a little about your sim racing history.

    The Team
    Teamwork is at the very heart of endurance racing. To follow the old military adage "you are only as strong as your weakest member" is something any truly successful endurance team can understand. The thrill of taking on the ultimate challenge with a group of like minded individuals, all working towards the same goal and leaning on each other's skills and experiences is something you simply cannot find anywhere else in virtual sport, it's that good. Here at RDLMS by Vesaro your team will need to truly work as a single unit, to live and breath the races together as a unified entity.

    You can register your squad here or pick up drivers by entering your team details here. All you need to do is simply announce what team you represent, what class you need a driver for and when the driver needs to be available to be part of the new season, and be in with a chance of winning some incredible prizes.

    The Prizes
    We could not be more pleased to offer up some of the most impressive prizes on offer anywhere in sim racing today. Thanks to the exceptional support of our partners Vesaro and Thrustmaster we are able to offer both participants and viewers some truly top quality sim racing gear during the year ahead.

    RDLMS by Vesaro Prize.jpg
    With Vesaro partnering up to become overall sponsor of the championship this year we have something truly special on offer. One lucky person will be able to take home the unbelievable prize of an incredible purposely built racing rig, custom-made for RaceDepartment and retailing at no less that £4,500 (€5,200 or $5,500)! This rig simply screams of quality construction and would make an enviable addition to anyone's sim racing setup. Complete with a massive list of accessories I'm sure that no other racing league will be offering something as unbelievable as this during the year ahead. You can find out more about exactly what is included in the package by reading our announcement article here.

    RDLMS Thrustmaster .jpg
    Furthermore everyone's favourite wheel manufacturer Thrustmaster have very kindly offered their support with sponsorship of the individual rounds that make up the seventh season of RDLMS. Thrustmaster have agreed to supply an enviable package of sim racing equipment to the value of over €1,250! With such massive prizes on offer and such an incredible on track experience waiting ahead of us, why not join in the action yourself?

    You can find out more about exactly what is included in the package by reading our announcement article here.

    These high value prizes can be won by participating teams but also spectators and fans of the series can have a shot at winning these amazing items!

    All you have to do to have a chance to win is either sign up as a RDLMS participant or follow and subscribe to our Twitch and Youtube channels and watch our thrilling action packed broadcasts which will be live streamed with professional commentary.

    The Goal
    To have fun, to race clean, to experience the ultimate sim racing experience. It's really that simple.

    Whoever ends up as champion in both Prototype and GTE class will no doubt have earned the distinction of becoming the ultimate endurance racing driver of the RaceDepartment Le Mans Series by Vesaro 2017.

    RDMLS by Vesaro is going to be an absolutely cracking season and we quite simply can't wait to get the action under green flag at Imola on the 4th March. Good luck and see you on track!

    The RaceDepartment Le Mans Series by Vesaro begins with the Thrustmaster 6 Hours on Imola on Saturday 4th March. Drivers and teams can register for the league here and find out all you need to know about the series here.

    Still sat on the fence about joining in with the RDLMS by Vesaro? Well wait no-longer and get yourself in on the action today! All we ask is you practice, stay safe out on track and have fun! Simples!
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    call me slow but I don't see where to sign up for some team racing,please help..
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    Hey Joseph, if you're looking for another team to join, use this link, or, if you find some teammates, you can use this link to sign up your own team. :)
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