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EU RDEC @ Spa - Saturday 24th April 2021


IMPORTANT: Due to instability problems with Simracing.gp we're going back to the RD servers for now. Sign up here with your choice of car. The event on s.gp is only to redirect to this thread. Please read the first 3 posts in this thread for more information.

Welcome to the RD Assetto Corsa. On the morning of Saturday 24th April we're going to Spa, for some multiclass endurance racing and you are invited to join.

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Come join us and make the event one to remember!


Join us
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Event Details

  • 09:30 UTC (10:30 DST)| Practice/Breakfast (80 minutes)
  • 10:50 UTC (11:50 DST) | LMP1 Qualification (10 minutes)
  • 11:00 UTC (12:00 DST) GTE/GT3 Qualification (10 minutes)
  • 11:10 UTC (12:10 DST) | Race (60 minutes)
  • Mandatory Pitstop Required





Useful Links
  1. RaceDepartment Club Regulations
  2. RaceDepartment Discord
  3. Recommended app: Helicorsa (download here)
  4. Practice and race server password: click here

Entry List

  1. @Interslice Corvette
  2. @Kek700 -Porsche
  3. @davlight - Porsche
  4. @butcher85 - Porsche
  5. @neesve - Porsche
  6. @SergiuBT - Porsche
  7. @Taj Johal - Ferrari
  8. @Marko77 - Porsche


  1. @pattikins - McLaren
  2. @sukanpinyo16 - BMW
  3. @Aksu -Mclaren
  4. Titas Vaiciunas - Lambo
  5. @K_a_n_t_e - Audi
  6. @St.Roeter - Porsche


  1. @edo22 - Toyota
  2. @PfzFantaribo - Toyota
  3. @Stefasaki - Toyota
  4. @IceColdBeard_24 - Toyota
  5. @Backmarker EB - Audi
  6. Guus van Doremalen. - Audi

20/24 Grid Slots

Please use discord with push to talk before and during this event, to ensure smooth running of the sessions and good communication between drivers on track.

See you on track!
Thanks Brian. I’m still in. Rise and shine at 3am for me.


aye, or 7 minutes for each class - personally, I'd rather have two clear flying laps than run the risk of getting caught up in traffic...

OK I agree they are a bit short but I don't want to add too much time to the event at this stage, so I've made 12 minutes for the LMP1 and 12 for the GT cars. The GT cars get the overtime to make up for the longer laps. Overtime is 200% of the fastest lap so you will get around once more after the 24 minutes has elapsed.


Some final reminders and thoughts...

Be on Discord Please. Preferably with mic included!

LMP1 cars cannot begin a qual lap after 12 minutes. GT must stay in the pit lane until 12 minutes have elapsed.

Mandatory pitstop for 1l of fuel or tyre change between 10 and 50 minutes.

I hope people will race like gents - particularly when it it comes to passing or being passed by other classes. Remember this will effect the numbers that participate in future events. Use Discord to communicate with slower faster cars.

LMP1 - Be aware that GT cars might not know you are there, such is the closing speed. Use discord to give the heads up. Don't send into a corner resulting in lost time or a spin for a GT car(s). Be respectful and pass them on the next straight. This applies to all corners but Eau rouge in particular!

GTE vs GT3 Don't actively defend against GT cars in another class. Blue flags apply as normal between classes. Small lift at the start of a straight. If you are holding up a car from another class for a significant period, even if there is no blue flag, be a gent and let them past safely.
Be aware that is there is a single GT3 911 on track driven by Sebastian @St.Roeter

Put your realtime app where you can see it easily.

I will be finalizing the server at 0830 UTC. No change of car will be possible afterwards.

Thanks and Good Luck!
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