EU RDEC @ Spa - Saturday 24th April 2021


Is there another lmp car we can use that does not have Sh*t electrical battery’s systems in it.
I really enjoyed it, but the PP3 battery power made it tedious at best.

There is no LMP2 or 3 that i know of. There is the praga R1. I'm not sure if we can get the Praga R1r which is almost LMP3 performance. In terms of performance in real life it should go. DPi/LMP1 Lmp2 GTLM LMP3 GT3 GT4.

From reading yesterday with the LMP1 you leave it on charge and hit the switch on the exits to the long straights. I did say at the start of the thread you need to know what you are at with them :p. At least we have a marker for spa in terms of lap time from @Stefasaki. The porker is quicker again by 3-5 seconds.


It's actually a matter of practice..... and the particular circuit. At Spa you really don't have a choice as any battery usage profile will deplete the 6 MJ available per lap (as in the Toyota) before the last corner, so using it manually is the only choice you have to fully exploit the electric power. That's because by default in Assetto Corsa you get a boost up to ~ 220 km/h, but that's not always what you want, especially in a circuit with 20 corners like Spa.

Speaking of the race, I was hoping for a few more participants in the LMP category (maybe due to the time of the race that excluded folks overseas?) but I still had tons of fun as my race wasn't boring at all! I had to pass at least two cars every lap, many of which were battling! Plus, the LMP's are just super fun to drive around Spa.

About the LMP2's... there's a mod with most cars from the IMSA championship, they're not pretty to look at as models but are pretty fun to drive (and mostly accurate I think) !

Looking forward to driving an LMP with you guys again!



Thanks again to everyone who took part. Next one is in the USA at a more civilised time for the locals :) Hopefully see you all there!!

@Stefasaki thank you for your write up, just find the electric things so boring, would love the Audi R8 2003,
Diesel it may be but you don’t have to mess around with charging , pressing buttons, don’t even like the P2P in the Audi TT cup.
It is so dead without the electrical power to, it just going to take so much of my time to get used to it, at least I now have an idea of spa lap times in it.
I may just relent and have a practice in it. I have nearly a month , could also try the Audi, in the hopes that it is better.

Being lapped three times did not exactly endear me to the thing.:roflmao::roflmao::roflmao:
Well, there are two recent VRC (paid) mods that add non-Hybrid recent LMP1 cars: the ByCollin P1 (ByKolles ENSO CLM P1/01) and Vendetta V60 (Ginetta G60-LT-P1).

I have driven the first one and it's a very nice car, IMO, regardless of the woes of the real version :roflmao:, will probably get the Ginetta at some point too.