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RaceRoom Racing Experience | Cupra Leon e-Racer Now Available

Sector3 Studios have released a new car for their RaceRoom Racing Experience simulation - the self-proclaimed world's first fully electric racing car - the Cupra Leon e-Racer.
  • Cupra e-Racer DLC now available.
  • New free to enter esport competition released alongside DLC.
  • 1 model, 26 liveries, £3.63
Cupra e-racer middle 2.jpg

Available now as both a standalone piece of DLC content and as part of a new esport competition within the sim, the new car is available to purchase for around £3.63 and comes with 26 unique liveries - adding another very different driving experience to a title that is packed full of varied and interesting content from historic to modern prototype racing vehicles.

Cupra e-racer middle.jpg

According to the Sector3 Studios release notes, the new car has some impressive performance statistics, with acceleration offering an impressive 0 to 100 in just over 3 seconds, with top speeds up to 270 km/h - in a touring car!

RaceRoom Racing Experience is available now, exclusive to PC.

Check out the RaceRoom Racing Experience Sub Forum here at RaceDepartment for the latest news, discussions and conversations about this awesome sim.

Cupra e-racer footer.jpg


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A legend in my own mind...
Staff member
Sep 28, 2009
Ok, this time I'm sticking to my guns (unlike I did with the DTM 2020s!)... I won't be buying this one. I don't disagree with the principle of electric racing cars and I know it's the way everything is heading, but I don't enjoy it myself.

Pretty car though. Always been a fan of the Seat touring cars since Race 07! :thumbsup:

Michel Forest

Jul 26, 2017
I would buy it if I could play R3E with my Fanatec gear. I've tried everything, but the brakes are too sensitive without ABS. I barely press on the pedal and the wheels lock up.


A legend in my own mind...
Staff member
Sep 28, 2009
I tried it too, and I have to say that I hate it. Of course it was difficult for me coming straight from combustion cars, because of the lack of gears and no proper reference for speed when approaching corners. But even once I started getting used to it, the whine got very irritating and the wind noise made me feel like I was flying or something.

Just not exciting or enjoyable for me, sorry. :whistling:


Aug 3, 2017
How much of the sound on cars like this is the whine of the electric motors and how much is the regular whine of straight cut gears?

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