1. walczu

    Zengő #79 #99 WTCR 2022 2 skins 1.0

    Zengő Motorsport WTCR 2022 Drivers: #79 Robert Huff #99 Dániel Nagy for Cupra Leon Competición by TM-Modding
  2. aGift4u

    Cupra Leon Competición Turkish Torpedoes skin for AF3 Season 11 1.1

    Assetto Friends will hold a season of racing starting at 12th August with Cupra Leon Competición and this will be my skin whole season. It came out great wanted to share.
  3. y_lhrch

    CUPRA Bose F1 Team 1.2

    CUPRA Bose F1 Team | MyTeam Mod This mod contains a custom CUPRA Bose F1 Team mod for the MyTeam mode WHAT DOES THIS MOD INCLUDE? Custom Livery Driver Suits Teamwear Teamgear and Pitgantry NOTES Please contact me before using it on YouTube,Twitch, ... Install methods: Copy-Paste...
  4. Giga10

    Cupra Seat CR13 FKR Skin 1.1

    My first attemp at making skins. Skin for the Fukre Champinhip, I Hope you like it.
  5. Santi007

    Cupra Racing My Team 1.0

    CUPRA RACING MOD FOR F1 2021 MY TEAM MODE Team inspired by Cupra Racing cars such as the WTCR and Extreme E. MOD FEATURES Standard package: Team badge Car livery Driver race suit (with helmet, cap, gloves and boots) You need to use Intergalactic (free unlockable) or Devon Butler (Deluxe...
  6. y_lhrch

    CUPRA Bose F1 Team - MyTeam Mod (Full Package) 1.0

    CUPRA Bose F1 Team | MyTeam Mod This mod contains a custom CUPRA Bose F1 Team mod for the MyTeam mode WHAT DOES THIS MOD INCLUDE? Non-FOM car model (AMR21) Custom Livery Driver Suits Teamwear Other small additions NOTES Install methods: Copy-Paste "F1 2021" to your game files...
  7. Tomasz_987

    CUPRA Alonso F1 Team 1.1

    Hi, Today I'm proudly giving You possibility to drive in Cupra Alonso F1 Team! I hope You will like it :)! YOU CAN COPY & PASTE THIS MOD! Car Livery is mix of Renault from 2005 and my vision of Cupra colors. Same with helmet. MOD FEATURES: Team badge Car livery Helmet...
  8. RInma_675

    Cupra Leon TCR - WSS skin Cupra Leon 2020 by TMM

    Multiple skins inside ZIP file - To install; extract ZIP file and pick your colour or extract all at Assetto Corsa destination / Content / Cars / Tmm_cupra_tcr_2020 / Skins
  9. Kidzu11

    2021 Ugals Touring League Livery Pack 1.0

    New download link:
  10. MrBraindown

    Castrol Cupra Challenge Racing Series Skinpack 2

    I love a good single make series and as TCR cars seem to be (literally) all the 'rage' these days, I thought I'd make up my own for TMM's superb Cupra Leon Competición 1.2. All the skins have matching series sponsors and series name plates You can download the car here. Hope you enjoy them...
  11. XilefHD

    Temper Racing - Cupra Leon Competición - NLS 1.0

    Two fantasy skins of a non-existing Austrian racing team competing in the NLS. Car used is the Cupra Leon Competición:ón.41483/ You can simply drag and drop the skins into Content Manager, if you have the car installed.
  12. P

    Cupra Competicíon v2

    I made the Cupra Competición TCR car's dashboard in Simhub. The dashboard works perfectly fine in AC and ACC. In ACC the light and the turn signals are working as well. The idle screen looks like this: And the game screen looks like this: I hope you will like it. I'm thinking about updating...
  13. T

    CUPRA Racing (myTeam) 1.1

    Welcome to my first custom team for F1 2021. · INTRODUCTION: CUPRA is the sports range of the spanish car brand SEAT, belonging to the Volkswagen group. · THE PACKAGE and INSTRUCTIONS: This package contains: Gloves, driver suit, car livery, emblem boots and cap. · You have two options: -...
  14. Steve Worrell

    CUPRA SimRacing Series 2021: The story so far and the upcoming races

    This thread is for the general discussion of the Article CUPRA SimRacing Series 2021: The story so far and the upcoming races. Please add to the discussion here.
  15. CUPRA SimRacing Series 2021: The story so far and the upcoming races

    CUPRA SimRacing Series 2021: The story so far and the upcoming races

    It's finally time to reach for the crown in virtual TCR racing again. Because in its third year, the CUPRA SimRacing Series is back on the starting line. Virtual races and pure, real adrenaline is once again at the top of the agenda for 2021. The platform: RaceRoom Racing Experience The...
  16. sickopaul

    Cupra TCR 2020 - Royal Racing 2.0

    Hi everyone! To celebrate Royal Racing's first league I decided to make something special in order to give it a proper celebration. Hope you enjoy!
  17. Fuzo

    Cupra Leon Competición 1.2

    Trained Monkey Modding presents Leon Cupra Competición TCR 2020 What to say, we love FWD racing and while we are still waiting for official TCR mod, you guys can try our take on this beautifull car. Mod is optimized for multiplayer racing as usually, feel free to take it for a spin. For more...
  18. dahil

    Seat Cupra TCR - 4Fun Sim Racing Livery 1.0

    I present to you the livery of Team 4Fun Sim Racing in Fan-Line version for the Seat Cupra TCR! Download it and if you like it, leave the like :thumbsup:
  19. smurth

    TMM Cupra TCR windshield replacement 1.0

    Adds reflections and a bit of dust to interior windscreen. Mod can be found here : Suggested tweaks (car.ini) : [GRAPHICS] DRIVEREYES=0.303767,0.932698,-0.256064 ONBOARD_EXPOSURE=11 OUTBOARD_EXPOSURE=29...
  20. Paul Jeffrey

    RaceRoom Racing Experience | Cupra Leon e-Racer Now Available

    Sector3 Studios have released a new car for their RaceRoom Racing Experience simulation - the self-proclaimed world's first fully electric racing car - the Cupra Leon e-Racer. Cupra e-Racer DLC now available. New free to enter esport competition released alongside DLC. 1 model, 26 liveries...