Räikkönen Happy With Pre-Season Testing So Far

Raikkonen Happy WIth Alfa Romeo Pre Season Testing.jpg

Kimi Räikkönen appears to be relishing his new found freedom at Alfa Romeo Racing, and remains confident in his chances this year.

"(Compared to what I) tried at the end of last year - the Sauber - it is a big step for sure,"

"It is very happy actually. The guys did a very good job over the winter and we have a package that we can work (with)."

Although many questioned why Räikkönen, now 39, would want to step down from a race winning Ferrari to perennial midfielders Sauber, the subsequent takeover by Alfa Romeo and a much more visibly relaxed Räikkönen during his brief appearances in the new white and red overalls suggest this could be a new 'Indian Summer' for the most popular driver on the grid, and if early testing form is anything to go by, one that could lead to the odd on track surprise or two.

With the first two days of testing and a brief shakedown now behind team and driver, Räikkönen is optimistic about the state of his current car, and confirms the team have managed to stick to the testing plan so far:

“It is always difficult to start in the cold conditions, we never seem to learn from the winter.

"Apart from that, everything ran smoothly," he pointed out. "The car feels very, very positive. It is early days but so far it is good.”
To see a competitive Räikkönen in 2019, free from the politics of Ferrari, will no doubt be one of the feel good stories of the coming season.

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Aug 26, 2017
Yes hyvä Kimi!!! :laugh:

Gulf Air

Nov 4, 2017
Sauber is a step down for Kimi. My deepest regrets! Hamilton and Vettel are boring me! They make me sick! :(:sleep::whistling:


Jun 30, 2017
This is very good for both, Kimi, and Saub... Alfa Romeo
and good for Giovanazzi too, as he'll probably learn from Kimi


RMG Motorsports
Sep 28, 2009
Hmm, I'm not so sure that this is really a "step down" to be honest. I mean, how many 39 year olds get to drive in F1 at all? He's doing well to still be in the sport at his age, which also shows his class as a driver. A true step down will be when he's forced to make way for a young pup and has to go race in a "lesser" series elsewhere.

Anyway, fair play to him, glad to see him still on the grid, and looking forward to seeing him race. :thumbsup:
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Honestly what are we doing ? Racing or ping-pong ?
Mar 23, 2013
I don't really agree with the choice of words here : "his new found freedom", "free from the politics of Ferrari". I think he had a lot of freedom in Ferrari, at least in his second stint, given how he described the atmosphere at Ferrari in his book. The vocabulary used in this post makes the reader believing he's been unhappy there, but I strongly believe he was not.

Now, best of luck to Alfa Romeo, hope those feelings translate in good results.

Gulf Air

Nov 4, 2017
I think Kimi's transition to Sauber will repeat the story with Alonso and Button in McLaren....


Too much Goebbels
Oct 10, 2011
For a Finn that's already like having a speech. We usually don't use such many words.
You are right.
Hehe a long speech:roflmao:
Taken from your name and answer it sounds like you are a finn yourself.:thumbsup:
I just found this description of normal finnish behaviour:
"Loud speaking and loud laughing is not normal in Finland and may irritate some Finns.
Occasional silence is considered a part of the conversation, not a sign of hostility or irritation."

I saw recently the danish/norwegian movie "Kraftidioten" and its hard not to think that Stellan Skarsgårds extremely low key/taciturn acting could not have happened without some kind of scandinavian relationship to Suomi/Finland.
You would love this movie;)
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