kimi raikkonen

  1. JSoria

    Kimi Räikkönen Helmet Alfa Romeo 2021 | ACSPRH Mod 1.0

    Hi! I painted another skin with the design of the new Kimi's helmet for the upcoming season. As the title says, the skin is made it to use with the ACSPRH mod made by Marco17_ok and following the templates of JVinu2000. Follow the mod instructions to make it work. Hope you guys like it...
  2. Ferrari2016

    2021 Alfa Romeo C41 Kimi Raikkonen #7 | RSS Formula Hybrid 2020 V0.99

    2021 ALFA ROMEO C41 LIVERY Welcome to the 2021 Alfa Romeo C41 Kimi Raikkonen Livery on RaceSimStudio's Formula Hybrid 2020. If you enjoy the mod, then don't forget to leave a rating & review! Still To Come - Driver Helmets
  3. Ferrari2016

    2021 Alfa Romeo C41 | RSS Formula Hybrid 2020 V1.02

    2021 ALFA ROMEO C41 LIVERY Welcome to the 2021 Alfa Romeo Livery on RaceSimStudio's Formula Hybrid 2020. Latest Update includes: - Driver Suit & Gloves - Additional Sponsors - Minor Adjustments Still To Come - Driver Helmets If you enjoy the mod, then don't forget to leave a rating & review!
  4. Paul Jeffrey

    F1 | The Alfa Romeo C41

    Alfa Romeo have today revealed their new Formula One car to the world - introducing the Ferrari powered C41 of Kimi Raikkonen and Antonio Giovinazzi. Another day, another new F1 car launch! Following on from the reveal of the latest cars from AlphaTauri and McLaren, Saub... Alfa Romeo become...
  5. 0n3

    Alfa Romeo Orlen 2020 | Alfa Romeo Mito QV 1.0

    Donate : --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- if you have any advice, let me know. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Personal website :
  6. 0n3

    Alfa Romeo Orlen 2020 | Alfa Romeo Giulietta 1.0

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  7. Ferrari2016

    Ferrari SF71H Kimi Raikkonen Livery | RSS Formula Hybrid 2020 | V1.0

    So, here it is. My Kimi Raikkonen Ferrari SF71H United States Grand Prix Livery for the Formula Hybrid 2020. As driven by race winner Kimi Raikkonen, his last Formula 1 win to date. Hopefully you will enjoy it, be sure to leave your star rating and leave constructive criticisms in your review...
  8. L

    2020 Alfa Romeo Racing C39 | RSS Formula Hybrid 2020 1.0

    This is 2020's Alfa Romeo livery, for RSS Formula Hybrid 2020. Quite like this livery, it's surely and improvement over the 2019 one, though I find a bit sad that the team is giving less and less space to the Sauber/Swiss motif. Anyway, I hope you all enjoy. For Helmets, you can find them in...
  9. Paul Jeffrey

    Räikkönen Happy With Pre-Season Testing So Far

    Kimi Räikkönen appears to be relishing his new found freedom at Alfa Romeo Racing, and remains confident in his chances this year. "(Compared to what I) tried at the end of last year - the Sauber - it is a big step for sure," "It is very happy actually. The guys did a very good job over the...
  10. Paul Jeffrey

    Alfa Romeo Expecting "Strong" 2019 Performance

    Having spent the day shaking down their new Formula One car, Alfa Romeo Racing are excited for their prospects in the year ahead. Star driver Kimi Räikkönen was the first driver to sample the new car this season, the 39-year-old ex-Ferrari World Champion managing to put 33 laps on the machine...
  11. Paul Jeffrey

    Alfa Romeo Racing Hits the Track

    The new Alfa Romeo Racing Formula One car has hit the track today, with Kimi Räikkönen shaking down the new machine during a private Fiorano 'filming day' run in Italy. Entrusting the car to new signing Kimi Räikkönen, the 2007 World Champion took to the Italian Fiorano circuit for limited...
  12. ConectiON

    Kimi Raikkonen Sauber Test Helmet 2018-11-27

    Kimi Raikkonen black/white helmet from Abu Dhabi tests with Sauber. It's not 100% real, because of lack of pictures from some sides. Do you have problem with installing? Here is tutorial from Kris how to do it: ! - I couldn't add pictures from the game, because I do not own F1 2018 game...
  13. C

    VRC IndyCar 2012 Lotus Dragon (Kimi&Bourdais) 1.1

    Two skins (for oval and road) based on Dragon Racing 2012 livery [both include helmet, suit, gloves etc...]. The skins are for the VRC Formula NA 2012 mod. Kimi Raikkonen oval: Sebastien Bourdais oval: Kimi Raikkonen road:
  14. Matix

    RSS Formula Hybrid 2018 - Alfa Romeo Sauber #7 1.0

    Hello, Kimi leaving Ferrari to join his old team Sauber for next two years. This is my tribute to the number seven. Idea for livery copied from great designer Andy Werner (I made small changes to it) Little trailer also for this skin MOD you can find from here...
  15. Paul Jeffrey

    Raikkonen / Hamilton Collide - Was the 10s Penalty too Harsh?

    Kimi Räikkönen earned a 10 second penalty for his lap 1 contact with Hamilton, but was the penalty awarded by the race stewards too harsh in your opinion? Considering Ferrari team mate Vettel recently received a five second time addition for his crash with Bottas earlier in the season, do you...
  16. davewilliams000

    Kimi uses Assetto Corsa!

    Saw on his instagram... Maybe not newsworthy but thought it might be of interest to someone!
  17. Paul Jeffrey

    Kimi Räikkönen - Back to his Best?

    Kimi Räikkönen had a more convincing weekend in Australia that for many years, does this mean a revival for one of the most popular Grand Prix drivers? If we are brutally honest with ourselves, Kimi Räikkönen hasn't been the same driver since his 2007 title winning season, having seemingly lost...
  18. jingsha

    Formula Abarth Ferrari F60 1.0

  19. Dimitar Vitanov

    Kimi Raikkonen 2018 helmet 1.0

    FIRST 2018 HELMET REVEALED Instalation guide in the download file High speed time-lapse of me creating the helmet:
  20. Paul Jeffrey

    F1 End of Season Report: Rate the Grid - Kimi Raikkonen

    Another disappointing season from the 'Ice Man' in 2017 leaves many to question the future of the talented former World Champion. At 38 years of age it is a fact that 2007 World Champion and 20 time Grand Prix winner Kimi Räikkönen is nearing the end of an illustrious career, and following on...