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alfa romeo

  1. Langheck_917

    SOVREN Gr.2 1965 Alfa Romeo Giulia Spiders (Giulietta Spider) 1.0

    Replicas of 1965 Giulia Spiders run by vintage racing drivers Brian Williams and John Gates. Both cars run in SOVREN (Society of Vintage Racing Enthusiasts), the vintage racing organization local to the Pacific Northwest. These liveries use the 1960 Giulietta Spider developed by |Viper|...
  2. mrzenigma

    Alfa Romeo GTA - Monzeglio Corse, Targa Florio 1970 #172 V1.1

    Wow finally a skin that isnt red. Targa Florio 1970, 5th Round of the International Championship for Makes. Monzeglio Corse raced this Alfa under the number #172 and managed to finish 22nd overall, just 2 laps behind the leaders. This isnt the exact car that was used but i think its close...
  3. ale9357

    LaLongana Alfa Romeo GTV6 GEMA Rothmans replica. Yves Loubet | JM Andrie. V1.0

    My first livery and my very first resource here at racedepartment: a replica of the 1986 Rothmans GTV6 driven by Yves Loubet at the 1986 Tour de Corse. Of course this livery it's not 100% historical accurate since the "LaLongana" in art of rally it's not a GTV6, but I love this color scheme...
  4. Max1075

    Helmet Alfa Romeo V1

    request by @Robin75 Installation: Helmet \ Program Files (x86) \ Steam \ steamapps \ common \ F1 2021 \ 2021_asset_groups \ character_package \ team_livery \ 2021-custom-casperakkerman Let me know if you like it and ask any questions enjoy!
  5. Pasta2000

    Alfa Romeo GTA - Nürburgring 1000km 1970 #94 (4K) 1.0

    Replica skin of the Alfa Romeo GTA that appeared at the 1970 Nürburgring 1000km race. Driven by Peter Otto and Jörg Klasen to a 28th place overall. >custom JSON >revamped decals >4K >pretty cool (can't upload the ingame screens for some reason, so just take my word on this one)
  6. Equipos TPA TEAM - DTM Classic 90s

    Equipos TPA TEAM - DTM Classic 90s

    Os presentamos los equipos de nuestra estructura que participarán en este campeonato de la DTM Classic 90s organizado por la comunidad de Assetto.esSíguenos ...
  7. Imagineer_NL

    Formula Hybrid 2020 | Alfa Romeo 111 Monza 21 skin V1.0

    Based on the terrific Alfa Romeo skin by @Ferrari2016 (so if you chose to donate; donate to him) Both Kimi and Gio are created. File can be dragged&dropped in content manager and will not interfere with the original skin
  8. thejqka

    Alfa Romeo Formula 1 Team - RSS 1979 1.1

    To install just drag the folder in the .zip into .../steam/steamapps/common/assettocorsa Hey there folks! This is my concept for a Alfa Romeo Formula 1 Team,for the 1979 season. I tried to keep the design accurate to the time, using old logos and placements, trying to give ot a...
  9. sasa1234567890

    Fictional 2021 Alfa Romeo F1 Livery - RSS Formula Hybrid 2021 1.0

    RSS Formula Hybrid 2021 by Race Sim Studio (Requierd) https://racesimstudio.com/formula-hybrid-2021-profile Sound Pack (Recommended) https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/f1-megapack.34079/
  10. El Moustachos

    Alfa Romeo Alternative Livery 1.0

    this mod is an alternative version of this mod : https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/alfa-romeo-black-and-red.44625/ it was proposed by @BarKor thanks to him :) Good Game !
  11. El Moustachos

    Alfa Romeo Huski Chocolate 1.0

    Huski Chocolate will now sponsor the Alfa Romeo F1 Team! Here is my Alfa Romeo Huski Chocolate mod ! Good Game!
  12. ivan paoloni

    Alfa Romeo Giulia Super Ti Alfa Romeo Giulia Super Ti 1.3.0 FINAL VERSION

    Update of the original mod with credits to its author André Kardol, to which we add lights, conditioning and remap textures, new physics, new skins, internal glass, among other details. Being a public mod, we let you download the update for FREE!
  13. El Moustachos

    Alfa Romeo Black and Red 2.0

    Hi! Here is a mod for Alfa Romeo! Good game ! (let me know if you want the driver's outfit)
  14. H

    Alfa Romeo Montreal Green 1.1

    Montreal Green color for Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio, 4C, MiTo, both Giuliettas. Skins include a whole bunch of interior and exterior details, and green Sparco driver outfit. Requires CSP to work correctly
  15. Hubert fan

    Fantasy 2022 pack old version wrong one

    i had a typo in posting everything, sorry guys, now is fixed and in the right racedepartment's category
  16. renjiro2020

    Alfa Romeo Helmet 1.0

    Helmet design inspired by Kimi's 2021 helmet If you have problems contact me through discussions tab or my discord (spood2#6772 / spood#0592) Follow me on instagram : @spooddesigns Timelapse video : Pictures Ingame :
  17. F1 | New Wheel Covers For F1 2022 On Display In Barcelona

    F1 | New Wheel Covers For F1 2022 On Display In Barcelona

    Pirelli continue their 2022 18-inch wheel testing in Barcelona as Alfa Romeo debut the new for next season wheel cover designs with Robert Kubica aboard the Ferrari powered C41. Much noise has been made about the new for next season enlarged 18-inch wheels coming to Formula One as part of the...
  18. Langheck_917

    Jon Norman Alfa Romeo GTV (1973 SCCA Regionals) 1.0

    Alfa Romeo GTV Widebody raced by Jon Norman of Alfa Parts and Norman Racing Group. This car has been campaigned since the early 70s in 2.5L Trans-Am and SCCA B-Sedan Regional Championships. With 40 years of development and over 100 podium finishes, this car has survived and continues to be...
  19. 7

    [f1 2018] Alfa romeo C41 f1 2021 2021-04-22

    This is the C41 car for f1 2018. I didn't change the number for now I'm probably gonna update it after some days There some pictures
  20. JSoria

    Robert Kubica Alfa Romeo Helmet 2021 | ACSPRH Mod 2021-04-16

    Hi! Someone asked me to paint this one, and I finally made it. His role this year will be as a reserve driver for the Alfa Romeo team. As the title says, the skin is made to use it with the ACSPRH mod made by Marco17_ok and following the templates of JVinu2000. Hope you guys like it...