One To Watch | 8 Top Mod Tracks For Assetto Corsa By Simracing604

Our good friend Mike at Simracing604 has put together another great video where he picks out 8 of his favourite mod tracks to download for Assetto Corsa.

Sim racing is pretty awesome, made all the more so by our incredible community that continue even to this day to produce exceptional quality content for our favourite racing simulations. Cars, tracks, apps, liveries, championships and pretty much everything in between - if you can imagine it, someone has probably made it for a racing sim!

With such a wide array of content, Simracing604 has taken a bit of time out to share with us all his favourite eight community created tracks available to download now for Assetto Corsa.

Do you agree with Mikes picks? Have any other favourites you'd like to share with the community? Let us know in the comments section below!

Assetto Corsa Screenshot 2020.12.17 -

Assetto Corsa Screenshot 2020.12.17 -

Want to see more from Simracing604? Check out his excellent YouTube channel: click here.
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Nov 3, 2015
Nice review :thumbsup::thumbsup: ... too bad I have these already :p ... but still keep hoping for something new from time to time :whistling:


Oct 26, 2015
Watkins Glenn

Great video, did not know there was a classic Nordschleife
first track was Donington, last track
in video was Watkins,or did you mean first track at start video? thats indeed Watkins...
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Nov 25, 2018
Sure, his picks are all very good to excellent! I drive them all aswell, some very often, some less ...;)
Personally, I would definitely add fonteny, horsma, pinewood, bikernieki, kicevo, oulton park ... and and and ... :roflmao:

There are so many good tracks to choose from... there is always one for the right mood... so thanks to all AC modders! :inlove:;)


Thou shall not pass!!!
Mar 18, 2016
Nice video. I will try the classic Nordschleife and Topenga Range right now. I love long tracks. My personal favorite is Fonteny. Of the short circuits I like Sveg raceway very much.


Jul 16, 2017
Great video, did not know there was a classic Nordschleife
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Cote Dazur

SIM Addict
May 21, 2013
An other great video, instructive and entertaining, thank you @SM604.
AC, with the support from the modders, is staying fresh, always new content to explore and enjoy, adding to the existing, almost infinite, track and cars combo available to us.
@SM604, have you tried the latest developments with rain FX / sol? It looks like AC boundaries are being pushed again.


Best of the worst, sometimes worst of the worst.
Dec 23, 2012
One thing that bugs me with the video format (this, Omega seat review etc) is the lack of reading material accompanying it. I find reading at my own pace much more appealing where I can skim parts that I'm interested less and pay extra attention to areas that interest me more. I can't do that with video format :(
It would be best if the video was followed by usual article outlining actual contents of the video not just the intro teasing users to open up the video.

Please treat users first, not YouTube views first. Thanks!


Apr 25, 2020
Don't forget the Brilliant Hillclimb Tracks by Gunnar333- Goodwood and Borgloh.
Both are quite short, but they are among the best looking Tracks- and they suit every Car!


Best of the worst, sometimes worst of the worst.
Dec 23, 2012
Are you sure you've posted this in the right thread and you can always pause and replay the parts you want to concentrate on.
I've posted it here as it's below a video post with no real content to read other than a teaser to watch the thing. I wouldn't even know the tracks without opening the video. Those two formats - text plus video can compliment each other greatly and it's a shame that it's not the case here.

And I know I can pause and rewind, but it's not as easy to do as with reading content where you can jump between headlines and quickly focus on what matters to me. With video I have to watch it all as I won't know where to skip to in a first place. That's just my feedback - reading content is much easier for me than watching, that's all.


Aug 22, 2014
Thanks for the presentation :)
Though I think a 'top 8' will always be a personal and difficult narrow-down choice - I would have picked a completely different kind of breed :D

AC may have got some years on the bag, but all the incredible modders is what keeps AC very alive indeed to this day!

I think the Covid-19 depression made me convert somehow as a simracer.

First by diggin into online racing, of which I just rarely have touched since the SimRaceWay-days, now in ACC CP, rF2 and even rejoined iRacing for a short period after 9 years of hibernation.

But as before I often miss the ocean of different mods. But what has changed me in 2020 is that before I always returned to rFactor, GPL and especially GTR2. Now I completely root for AC with the possibilities Content Manager, SOL and all different tools gives me.
Three days ago I had troubles of resetting my CM, SOL and CSP values so decided to do a fresh AC install. But before even playing already installed +300 track and car mods :D

And after last weeks of enjoying youtuber 'GPLaps' I've rejoined an old habit of driving antique 1920's-'30ies grand prix cars at classic and antique circuits.

Speaking of antique and classics, AC and other official sim engines do have overlooked a potential and clearly untapped market here.

Tracks as Targa Florio, Brooklands, Reims-Geux, Pau, Aintree, AVUS, Solitude, classic Brno, Longford, classic Sachsenring, post-war Donnington, classic 8K Charade, classic Kyalami, classic Spa, classic Silverstone, Eläintarhärata, Montjuïc, Nürburgring Gesamtstrecke (NordSchleife + Südschleife), Bremgarten, Thomson Road, Riverside, classic Bathurst, classic Le Mans, classic Monaco, classic Fuji bankings, classic Jarama, classic no chichane Imola, classic 8K interlagos, classic Linas-Montléry, Brooklands, etc, etc. are already there delivered by fantastic modders for free most of them and most mods just misses the last 5-20% to live up to the very strict standards of simmers of modern racing in ACC, AMS2, iRacing and so on. Yes, Kunos have Monza '66, but even here modders make improvements continously.

Though I use AC for offline racing (and a bit online racing) I think Kunos intended the sim mostly for a hotlapping sim engine.
This leads me to my constant wonder, which haunts me; Why the heck has Kunos not come up with this combo -

#2 Stefan Bellof's Rothman Porsche 956 (with the Type-935 2.6L Turbo flat six'er) @ the 1983 1000 Kilometer Nürburgring Rennen


This should IMHO definately be first on the list as mandatory stuff.
Just thinking of how much hype there's been around the track and iconic track record. Especially since early sim modding in F1C99-02 in start 00's and now quite clearly after introduction of YT, SoMe and so on.
I mean, plenty of well known youtubers have tried to go under Belloff's 6:11,13 but in an imaginary setup of different P962C's and at newer track designs with perfect surface, forgiving curbes and so on, very, very far from the very bumpy and dusty surface with high non-forgiving curbs.
10 years ago I had fun in a GTR2 C-ERA mod of P956 and Lancia LC2's driving a bit harder version of the track, but I think not as bumpy as you see in different onboard videos from the 1983 WEC race (e.g. the famous 1983 Derek Bell onboard entire lap guide, which unfortunately seems to have been removed from YT now).

And thinking of the enormous effort made in fictional and semi-fictional tracks as Deutchlandring, Feldbergring, Fonteny, the mentioned LA Canyons, etc., what about modelling tracks as
  • Old Watkins Glen on public roads through the town, i.e. pre 1956 before the permament track.
  • Pescara OK, I know a lot of simmers already have it on their bucket list and I know there exists a very preliminary version (thanks for that!).
  • CDR - a track almost forgotten by now, but by the time spoken very warmly by prominent drivers as AJ Foyt, Carroll Shelby, Gordon Johncock, Hap Sharp, Mark Donohue as 'a better version of Riverside'.
  • Dieppe
  • Piége de la Mort at Lyons-Givors
  • Siracusa at Sicily (could be based on the rFactor mod)
  • Tours Grand Prix circuit
As well as tons of long abandoned permanent road racing and oval tracks as well as public road circuits, with a valuable legacy that is just as slowly disappearing for new generations. An ocean which just continues when you first dig into it, way larger than the YT channel Circuits of the past have delivered since the channels start.

I think it was when Google Earth started their Project-feature, I tried to order tracks from my old classic racing books combined with the very rough wiki lists and classic collection info at that a growing concern in my mind about the legacy that is simply disappearing.
A very valuable legacy that sim racing can to that extent help to keep artificially alive. The more years go by, I think about whether this option is in fact an obligation.

And yet this seems like a free ride to me since I am not a modder myself (except small private BTB projects for rF is all i've done, not worthy for publication).
Do not doubt, however, that I am infinitely grateful to all of you modders :inlove:

Edit: don't know if I owe my alternative top 8, which I find impossible, but I remember a related topic in late spring where I stated that a track list goes with cars, i.e. to me, it's the combo that does it. I.e. Deutchlandring works much better with the classic Porsche 718 RS 60 Spyder than with a modern Lamborghini Huracan Performante, just like modern Adria suits modern GT racing cars. Speaking classic combos YT just suggested me this one which I definately have to try out...this year :D
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Jun 25, 2019
All good, common tracks. In AC (Mod) I prefer the uncommon or fictional. Such as an ACL Legend at Bridgehampton, a Maserati Gran Turismo at Milan Castello Circuit, or a Corvette around Capital Building. Just about any historic track based on a modern circuit as Mike mentioned is a favorite as well.

Kranky Pantz

Jun 14, 2017
Can't believe Fat Alfie didn't get a mention in the vid. Well, it's down to personal taste and we all have our favorites. :)
Absolutely agree with this statement, his tracks are legendary, and even with all of that detail they are still very well optimized for VR as well.

A truly gifted modder, and I'd be inclined to include his 4 authored tracks first, then round the list out with 4 others. ;)

If anyone wants a link to Fat-Alfie's tracks, here ya go!

Everyone has their own tastes, and it's just awesome that we actually have all of these different mods available to tailor the sim to our individual preferences rather than being force-fed only the developers content.