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    Online multiplayer exhibition casual race on www.simracing.gp (US Servers) hosted by Simracing604 using ACC on PC. GT3 at Zolder, driving the Audi R8 2019 EV...
  2. Paul Jeffrey

    One To Watch | Fun Things To Do In Sim Racing by Mike at Simracing604

    Lockdown got you all demotivated and fed up? Looking for some inspiration? Well, Mike at Simracing604 has you covered it seems, with his latest video 'Forget Lockdown; Let's Race! - 7 Fun Things to Try'! Yes dear reader, sim racing is a many sided beast that is often much more than the simple...
  3. Paul Jeffrey

    One To Watch | 8 Top Mod Tracks For Assetto Corsa By Simracing604

    Our good friend Mike at Simracing604 has put together another great video where he picks out 8 of his favourite mod tracks to download for Assetto Corsa. Sim racing is pretty awesome, made all the more so by our incredible community that continue even to this day to produce exceptional quality...
  4. Paul Jeffrey

    One To Watch | Simracing604 On How To Correctly Set FOV

    Scientifically simple to do but in practice something of a challenge it seems, Mike over at Simracing604 has produced a very useful video about how to properly set your FOV in sim racing. What is FOV? Well put simply it is the scale, or 'Field of View' in which you see the gaming world...
  5. Paul Jeffrey

    One To Watch | Simracing604 On The Best Sounding Racing Sim

    The awesome Simracing604 has been at it again today, releasing an interesting new video as he looks to compare audio of two popular, and widely regarded as best sounding, racing simulations. In this new video, the smooth tones of Mike at Simracing604 looks into the topic of racing car engine...
  6. Paul Jeffrey

    One To Watch | Sim Racing Shortcuts By Simracing604

    Mike over on Simracing604 has just released another very interesting new video, detailing some quick tips and tricks to help simracers achieve faster lap times out on the circuit. Admit it, even those of us that say we don't care about where we finish on the track harbour ambitions of being...