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Ciccina2016 submitted a new resource:

New Overlay Relative - Relative Overlay for R Factor2


Version 1.0

This is an overlay similar to the relative overlay of Iracing which works for R Factor 2.
Features :
- Absolute Standing Position
- Relative Standing Position based on class
- Class highlighted with different colours ( it works for GT3,GTE,GTR,Tatuus Pack,USF2000,LMP2,LMP3)
- lapped car highlighted in light-blue or red depending on current position
- tyre compound and pit count ( max for 30 cars at the moment)
- other minor stats.

in order to work it is necessary...

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Hello Guys, thank you for the ones that have downloaded the app.
Can you please give me a feedback and let me know if you find any bugs?
Hello Guys, how the overlay is doing?
Is it working as it should?
I have a little bit of time this weekend to apply some fixes if any.
Just post all your issues here . Cheers
Ciccina2016 updated New Overlay Relative with a new update entry:

Relative Overlay

--- Overlay Relative --- version v1.1

1 - copy CiccinaRelative file in Simhub folder JavascriptExtensions

usually under the following path
C:\Program Files (x86)\SimHub\JavascriptExtensions

2 - Install Relative Overlay 1.1 by double clicking on icon Relative Overlay1.1


Following Plugin must be installed

- Gary Swallow PLugin
- Persitant Plugin


- Relative app now works till 60 opponents
- added GT3 Cup
- code logic reorganized via JaveScriptExtensions for...

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It only shows me in the leaderboard even though there are plenty cars in my race. However, all the information that are displayed are correct (current class position, class, tyre type...).

I installed the garyswallow plugin but was not able to find the persistant plugin. Might this cause the error? Where can I download it?
open simhub and go to available properties and check if you have persistant installed.
My understand is that it should be already there as part of simhub.
Also, the information will appear after you run 2 laps , my undertanding is that the information are calculated after running some laps.
Last but not least, make sure the CiccinaRelative file is copied on the folder JavaScriptExtensions
Let me know if any issues and thanks for trying the app :)

Information should appear after 2 laps running any car.
Please let me know.
Also, the tyre information works only for some ( and not all ) standard car models ( not mods).
I have the same problems that someone wrote here.
I am using a Mods, so, I understand that I won't be able to have the tyre compound. but. the pits?

I have the Gary Swallow PLugin installed and I can see all the pilots that are driving in season, the last time, the gap.. but not the pits

Thank you!
hi! How can I fix that some driver names do not appear and the Car Class position/colour does not work on HyperCars? Im driving VEC so it's all S397 content.
Ciccina2016 updated New Overlay Relative with a new update entry:

Ciccina Relative Update and Race Stats Overlay

Hello Chaps
I have reworked the Ciccina Overlay by reformatting the forms and adding extra information.
View attachment 379846 View attachment 379847 View attachment 379848

The overlay now works for the majority of 397 Content . There could be some missing , just let me know and I will issue a new update and also I fixed the issue with column Pit and Tyre Compound that was not working anymore.

View attachment 379854
The overlay contains extra information such as

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