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New Overlay Relative and Race Stats

New Overlay Relative and Race Stats 2

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Hello Chaps
I have reworked the Ciccina Overlay by reformatting the forms and adding extra information.
vlcsnap-2020-06-06-18h58m51s124.png vlcsnap-2020-06-06-18h59m45s833.png vlcsnap-2020-06-06-19h00m33s771.png

The overlay now works for the majority of 397 Content . There could be some missing , just let me know and I will issue a new update and also I fixed the issue with column Pit and Tyre Compound that was not working anymore.


The overlay contains extra information such as
Estimated Lap
FLR - Fuel Lap Remaining

In addition there is a small additinal overlay that I find a lot addictive


Delta based on your best lap of the session
Flag that blinks when in Yellow Flag and Blue Flag
Pitlim - Pit Limitator engaged or not.

******** PLease read the ReadMe file for the installation ******

Let me know if there are any bugs.. ( I bet there are plenty although I tested it for a day straight).

Have fun!


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--- Overlay Relative --- version v1.1

1 - copy CiccinaRelative file in Simhub folder JavascriptExtensions

usually under the following path
C:\Program Files (x86)\SimHub\JavascriptExtensions

2 - Install Relative Overlay 1.1 by double clicking on icon Relative Overlay1.1


Following Plugin must be installed

- Gary Swallow PLugin
- Persitant Plugin


- Relative app now works till 60 opponents
- added GT3 Cup
- code logic reorganized via JaveScriptExtensions for better maintenance