New Overlay Relative and Race Stats

New Overlay Relative and Race Stats 2

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Ciccina Overlay and Race Stats


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This is an overlay similar to the relative overlay of Iracing which works for R Factor 2.
Features :
- Absolute Standing Position;
- Relative Standing Position based on class;
- Last Lap per opponent;
- Class highlighted with different colours ( no car mods only STD);
- lapped car highlighted in light-blue or red depending on current position;
- tyre compound and pit count;
- other minor stats.

Race Stats

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- Delta
- Flag Status
- Pit Limitator

To Install read file README.TXT

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Latest reviews

Great job! Just a larger column to have the full names, will be perfect. Thanks
Thanks Marteau, what columns and information would you like to see on the relative app?
excellent overlay, but i cant see Type of tyre and number of pits. I use enduracers mod
I see it in game. But it only shows my car. No Cars in front or behind me. The same problem with the included relative timing from SimHub. I don't know, how to fix it.
You need to run 2 laps to start getting the stats. Let me know if it works
very nice and useful
You need SimHub for this to work, which is not disclosed
Sorry to hear that. Can you explain what the issue is? Don’t you have sim hub?
Nice font, good layout, however tyre compound is not shown in my RF2. What can I do configure/fix this?
Thank you for reviewing my app.
Regarding the tyre info you need to have installed Gary Swallow plugin.
If you have installed this plugin, can you tell me which car/s you selected?
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