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Jenson Button to Make DTM Debut for Honda

Button DTM Debut.jpg

Former Formula One World Champion Jenson Button will debut in the DTM at the season finale in Hockenheim this October.

The reigning Super GT champion in Japan, Button has been selected as the driver to represent Honda when the Japanese series joins forces with the DTM for a combined event at the season finale of the German category this October 5th in Hockenheim.

Contesting both races at Hockenheim, Button will once again partner up with his Team Kunimitsu squad in the purple Honda NSX, joining up with fellow Super GT manufacturers Nissan and Lexus in a special arrangement ahead of closer ties and common regulations between the two series in future years.

"I’m delighted to say I’ve been given another such opportunity by Honda, GTA and DTM as I will be taking part in the last two rounds of the DTM championship at Hockenheim in my Team Kunimitsu Honda NSX" said the 2009 F1 World Champion.​

"Nissan and Lexus from Super GT will also be entering a car each which will make an already fiercely competitive championship even more so and I can’t wait to experience it first hand."

Although Super GT regulations permit longer races than the DTM and driver swaps similar to those of the World Endurance Championship, for the Hockenheim event the cars will comply with the 2019 DTM regulations, and only a single driver will take part for each manufacturer.

The drivers of the two teams set to represent Lexus and Nissan have yet to be confirmed.

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Nick Hill

Oct 26, 2013
Awesome, great fit! Jenson is very underappreciated as a talent, I think. Never found his way back to a championship caliber ride, but I'm confident in different circumstances he could have been a multiple F1 champion. Always appreciate chances to see Jenson go 'round again!


Jun 4, 2017
Honda, Nissan and Lexus? Aston? I thought DTM is BMW Audi and Merc?
They(Astons) have joined DTM since the start of this season, replacing Mercedes that left DTM.
they have mercedes engine, but they are so slow, you won't see them in the upper part of the field in races...
and the Japanese cars are from SuperGT series, they will have 2 Joint race together with DTM as they are almost the same cars, DTM went to V4 engines(from naturally aspirated V8 to the engine that SuperGT cars running) to be able to compete with superGT cars and maybe more combined races.
more info on the event and how it will work, here
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Cote Dazur

SIM Addict
May 21, 2013
Deutsche Touring Master with Japanese cars!
They should call it something else.:rolleyes:
Still glad to see Jenson racing, whatever the series or what it is called.:)


Jun 4, 2017
R-Motorsport (AstonMartin) pulls out of DTM/Super GT joint race!

wise decision! they are not ready, SGT car will ***** them otherwise...