super gt

  1. enkay74

    Super GT 2019 GT500 Livery Pack 1.1

    After literally hundreds of hours of work, here is my 2019 Super GT GT500 skin pack. It contains all 15 Cars, with driver suits, helmets and pit crews... To make use of the real driver helmets you need to have the fantastic ACSPRH helmet mod installed...
  2. lafansujie

    Bmw Studie Team 2016 Bmw M6 Gt3 1.0

    Bmw Studie Team Bmw M6 GT3 from the 2016 season of Super GT. Driven by Jörg Müller and Seiji Ara. If you like my work consider leave a 5 star rating or just a like.
  3. 2000 JGTC Mine GT Race Assetto Corsa Mod Pack

    2000 JGTC Mine GT Race Assetto Corsa Mod Pack

    Hitotsuyama RacingIRL Race: List: Pres...
  4. TheNuvolari

    Super GT 2019: Pacific Racing Team with Good Speed (Mirai Akari) #9 | Porsche 911 GT3 R 2016 | 4k 1.0

    Bringing more Pacific skins to you! Pacific Racing Team with Good Speed #9 driven by N. Yokomizo, K. Mineo, A. Tsuzuki Works with Kunos' 2016 Porsche 911 GT3 R. More pictures: Real deal: Installation: Just drop the content folder of the .zip file into...
  5. 2022 Super GT Suzuka 300 Assetto Corsa Mod Pack

    2022 Super GT Suzuka 300 Assetto Corsa Mod Pack

    Grid Preset:https://**********/s/cVjNYVTrack:Suzuka Circuit: GT-R GT500:http...
  6. TheNuvolari

    Super GT 2022: R'Qs Motor Sports #22 | Mercedes-Benz AMG GT3 EVO | 4k 1.0

    Hello my friends, I present my next Super GT skin: R'Qs Motor Sports #22 driven by H. Waka and M. Jyonai Works with AGU modding's AMG GT3 EVO extension. Pictures: Installation: Just drop the content of the .zip file into: "X:"\Steam\steamapps\common\assettocorsa\ Folder or drag it into...
  7. TheNuvolari

    Super GT 2022: Pacific Racing Team #9 | Ferrari 488 GT3 EVO | 4k 1.1

    After 50+ hours and countless swearing at the monitor I present you my most advanced skin to date! Pacific Car Guy Racing Team #9 driven by T. Kimura and K. Cozzolino Works both with the 488 GT3 EVO by Kunos and the 488 GT3 EVO Sprint by Masterkey. More pictures: The Masterkey version...
  8. 2022 Fuji 450km in Assetto Corsa

    2022 Fuji 450km in Assetto Corsa

    Grid Preset:https://**********/s/_ppMcmTrack:Fuji Speedway:
  9. TheNuvolari

    Super GT 2021: K-Tunes Racing #96 | Lexus RC F GT3(00) Sprint | 4k 1.0

    After hours and hours of work I present you: K-Tunes Racing #96 driven by M. Nitta, S. Sakaguchi, H. Taira Required car: https://*************/1trqngmnhp2c/Lexus_RCF_GT3_ACC_v1.5.7z.html (Replace the '*************' with 'sharemods') Pictures: Installation: Just drop the content of the...
  10. TheNuvolari

    Super GT 2018 & 2021: Arto Panther Team Thailand #35 pack | Lexus RC F GT3(00) | 4k 1.1.1

    I present you my very first (now updated) skin for Assetto Corsa! The Panther Arto Team Thailand #35 Pack 2018 version (driven by S. Walkinshaw, Nattapong H., Nattawude C.): 2021 version (driven by S. Walkinshaw, Nattapong H., G. Alesi): Required car...
  11. TGrinnell

    Honda HSV Symphogear Itasha Skin Pack 2022-04-07

    This is a pack of itasha skins for the Honda HSV-010 GT based off the anime series 'Symphogear' featuring the characters Kirika Akatsuki, Shirabe Tsukuyomi & Serena Cadenzavna Eve. Note: Requires the Honda HSV from the Super GT Ninja Tour mod; the HSV in the base Super GT mod has a different...
  12. TheNuvolari

    2021 Super GT season skin for Suzuka by Reboot team 1.0

    Car skin by Mahardhika Putra Baliwa: Have you ever felt that racing Super GT cars on a track with GT challenge skin felt a bit off? Say no more! I made a standalone track skin for Suzuka International...
  13. MajkiMajk

    Nissan GT3 #230 Nissan with NISMO Super GT 2022 1.0

    Hi, Skin from Nissan Z GT500 is a replacement for GT-R in the Super GT series. I thought it would look good on an old GT-R so here it is. Drivers: Tsugio Matsuda and Ronnie Quintarelli
  14. gatsby1125

    2022 SGT BMW Team Studie M4 GT3 ver1.3

    2022 SUPER GT #7 BMW Team Studie M4 GT3 This year's coloring has been released, so I made it. The tire logo has been changed to Pirelli. I hope you like it. ver1.3 Updated to Rd.1 Okayama version. modified the coloring a little. ver1.2
  15. spagna

    Honda NSX Super GT GT500 skins 1.0

    Honda NSX Super GT 500 (2019) from ERLeague. Skins are not absolutely accurate. But for this new car lacks skins and I tried to expand the racing grid.
  16. Steakilicious

    S397 Nissan GT500 1999 #1 Pennzoil Nismo 1.1

    Drag the contents of the Zip into the rFactor 2 install directory and the vehicle will be available under Nissan > GT-R GT500 2013 in game. The Livery is based on the 1999 Nissan NISMO JGTC Team however it is not an honest and complete recreation of the livery just inspired by with certain...
  17. Bakaakitoo

    2021 Super GT - #8 Autobacs Racing Team Aguri GT500 1.1

    Here is the 2021 ARTA livery for ERLeague's NSX-GT. This folder contains the 2021 #8 car of Tomoki Nojiri and Nirei Fukuzumi with accurate sponsors. Installation : Simply go to assettocorsa\content\cars\nsx_super_gt500_2019\skins and unzip the folder. For any inqueries or suggestions, contact...
  18. BoBaHK

    Twin Ring Montegi (URD Tochigi) facelift extension 0.96

    This is a facelift extension for Tochigi Racing Ring by URD (Twin Ring Montegi). It doesn't contain the original track - you do need to purchase the track separately at Simply copy over the content of the folder. Changes: - All trees have been re-planted from...
  19. _Percy_

    2021 Astemo Real Racing NSX 2021-11-15

    2021 Real Racing skin for erleague's NSX GT500
  20. enkay74

    2021 Super GT GT300 McLaren (Lotus) Pack 1.1

    This is pack 5 of 14 to form up the 2021 Super GT 2021 GT300 grid... As there is no Lotus Evora GT3 spec in AC I decided to use the McLaren 720S GT3 to do the Muta Racing INGING livery on. I think it worked fairly well on this car and as there were no McLaren's on the 2021 grid it seemed...