EU GT3 @ Virginia Raceway 10 March 2019

Craig Dunkley

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Jun 9, 2013

We are racing in America this week to race at Virginia Raceway. This course has several layouts, all of the layouts are challenging, but the 3.27-mile Full Course, the track’s original configuration, is a true classic. Straightaways of 3,000 and 4,000 feet yield terrific velocities for any race car, while a 130-foot elevation change and a succession of blind, sweeping turns challenge professional and amateur drivers alike.

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Cars: DLC will be required to participate in this event
Race Hard But Race Fair - RESPECT Your Fellow Driver

Virginia International Raceway 1.1 Download
Full Course
Track Temps: 30c
Track Conditions: Mid Clear

Pitstop: Mandatory 10-50 minutes
Driving Assists:
Factory ABS, Factory TC, Tire blankets
Jump Start: = Drive Through

Highly Recommended App:
Helicorsa 0.7B Download
Highly Recommended App For VR
Top/Center Flags Download

Schedule (EU):
Sunday 10 March 2019
Practice: 20:00 UTC (30 minutes)
Qualifying: 20:30 UTC (25 minutes)
20:55 UTC (60 Minutes) With Mandatory Pitstop.

Entry List :
  1. [B][COLOR=#b30000]Craig Dunkley[/COLOR][/B] - Race Host - SCG
  2. GEO147 - 650
  3. Ryan Arthur - SCG
  4. Chris Down - 650
  5. demetri - R8
  6. Jani1980 - GT-R
  7. HF2000 - 650
  8. Aksu - GT-R
  9. Dennis Phelan - 650
  10. johndough247 - AMG
  11. Medilloni - 650
  12. Kek700 - GT-R
  13. pattikins - SCG
  14. marek2209 - 911
  15. Farbod Tehrani - 911
  16. RobertR1 - 650
  17. Brent Mills - GT-R
  18. Allen Cotton - GT-R
  19. Bruno Iwanczuk - R8
  20. Raf Nix - Lambo
  21. hary2 - 488
  22. Trebormoore84 - AMG
  23. Free slot
  24. Free slot
R8 02 R8U 00 Z4 00 488 01 Lam 01 650 06 AMG 02 AMGS 00 GT-R 05 911 02 SCG 03

UTP# 02 -CD
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Craig Dunkley

Original poster
Jun 9, 2013
Reserve Drivers
If you have not got a place in the race event before official practice starts, please be in TeamSpeak by 20:15 UTC. Not before 20:20 UTC I will start to invite the reserve (reserve's) drivers into the event, starting at the top of the reserve list and working down depending on available slots.

A message to all Drivers

If you run off track, you have to check and see that its clear before you re-enter the track. Do not just keep the gas pinned and pull back on track.
When entering the track from the pits stay off the racing line until you are up to speed and do not race on your out lap. Let other drivers by in qualifying.
On re-entering the track stay off the racing line until you are up to race speed and do not block any fast approaching car. Remember, you've made the mistake by going off so let them by cleanly.
Golden Rule
  1. Be 100% sure it's not your fault and just carry on like nothing happened and take the risk of being banned for 30 days.
  2. Play on the safe side and wait for the affected drivers, knowing 100% sure you will not get a ban.
Track limits
  1. No more than 2 wheels over the white/yellow line without a complete lift of the gas please if it is safe to do so.
    You will be penalized if you break our rules
Note: Please use your full real name in teamspeak. Not doing so may result in you being kicked from the server if an admin cannot identify you as a premium member.