Geesburg Layout 6 (24 hours of Geesburg)

Tracks Geesburg Layout 6 (24 hours of Geesburg) Version 2.2

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Geesburg Layout 6 (24 hours of Geesburg) - Long distance track for endurance racing. Combination of twisty road course, oval and fast sections.

Geesburg is a fantasy track, which is a combination of two Race Department Build Off tracks. One is my own design. The other is designed by Kurt Lehman.

There are 6 layouts.
This version is the 6th layout.
A 16 km long endurance track which contains a slow stadium road course and a fast section outside the oval stadium.

Other layouts are a 4 mile Oval, 3 road course versions in the stadium. One road course outside.
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Erwin Greven

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I went around the whole track, the walls and armco are at the right scale. All the marshals are sticking out above the walls and armco.
Whenever I try to load this, I get a ton of errors about Asphalt texture errors and various road errors, and then rFactor crashes. Any fixes for these errors?

Erwin Greven

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strange, i don't get these errors.

Ok. I did some tests:
1. When i 'remove' all other race tracks out the locations map, all layouts are available. That means there has to be a conflict in the way the tracks are labelled. I have to look where the conflict is and how to solve that.
2. I have opened all the layouts in rFactor using the standard vehicle, Kodi 2005 ZR. All the tracks open without any errors.

So i think the tracks give errors because there are other tracks in the locations map with maybe the same names.
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Erwin Greven

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This is just me, but don't get me wrong, the oval is good, but for being a super speedway oval, it sure doesn't run like a super speedway. What I'm saying is that it lacks banking, and especially when running mods like the Indy Cars from 1994-1995 and CART Factor, it doesn't give a good amount of speed, especially to the cars that are meant to go fast, like Indy Cars. And because of that, in the turns, they're going from like about 230 or so to only like average of 140-180 mph in the turns. So Erwin, if you want to make that oval portion a lot better, I suggest that you should add a good amount of banking to the oval corners. Other than that, thanks for fixing most of it. Only one layout doesn't load at all. I don't know which one though. But hopefully you can look into my suggestion on the oval.
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