Geesburg Layout 6 (24 hours of Geesburg)

Geesburg Layout 6 (24 hours of Geesburg) Version 2.2

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2018 Jan 2nd - Version 2.2
Renamed the file maps to prevent clashes with files of other tracks in the Location maps.
Old files were named Layout 1 - 7. That could clash with other tracks in the location map when there was also a multi layout track using layout 1, 2 and so on.
Renamed it to GBLayout 1 - 7.

When i add my other track Bergwerk, it still doesn't show layout 1-3. Bergwerk uses Layout 1-3.
Updated pace car position in layout 6.
It seems to get stuck when the full course yellow is thrown.
Hopefully it is solved now.

Pack contains 7 layouts.