Geesburg Layout 6 (24 hours of Geesburg) Version 2.2

Long distance track for endurance racing. Combination of twisty road course, oval and fast sections.

  1. Erwin Greven
    Geesburg is a fantasy track, which is a combination of two Race Department Build Off tracks. One is my own design. The other is designed by Kurt Lehman.

    There are 6 layouts.
    This version is the 6th layout.
    A 16 km long endurance track which contains a slow stadium road course and a fast section outside the oval stadium.

    Other layouts are a 4 mile Oval, 3 road course versions in the stadium. One road course outside.


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Recent Reviews

  1. brokenbrettalt
    Version: v2.1
    Only the 24 hour circuit works. I can't run the oval and all that without getting a texture or a can't load *.gmt error. That's why this only gets 1 out of 5 stars.
    1. Erwin Greven
      Author's Response
      When i released this track 2 years ago, all tracks were tested and working. Now i download this track and only 4 out of 7 are visible. And i can't figure out why 3 tracks, Layout 1,2 and 3 are invisible in the track menu.
  2. pjlx911
    Version: 1.0
    The track is nicely done. There are a couple of issues: the first is the lack of crowds in the stands (would be a nice touch), but the 2nd is a very serious issue. If there is a safety car is called, it will get stuck on the rail on track. This causes the cars to slow down to 5 mph....You could imagine how painful this would be if you have to wait 1-3 caution laps. If you could fix this, I would love to give you 5 stars.
    1. Erwin Greven
      Author's Response
      I have changed the pace car position. Hopefully it works. Very difficult to test, i have to wait when the yellow is thrown. Did a 1000km race (fast forward) : no FCY's ...
      If the problem persists, i will place the car on another place.
  3. Two
    Version: 1.0
    Nice long track with some variation. I'm quite fond of the trees you made (or used). The walls, however, made me feel a bit claustrophobic though. For me, they are too high, and the walls seem like they were scaled too much in that it makes me feel a bit like I'm driving an RC (radio-controlled) car on a full size track.

    Track is more fun (for me) with LMP cars versus the GT cars of the Endurance Series from Enduracers, which is what I tested the track with.

    1. Erwin Greven
      Author's Response
      thanks for the constructive review! i appreciate that.