Game freezes in combination with z1 dashboard

Hey guys,
my game starts freezing after 1-2 minutes after the game started, but just if I open 1 or more of the Z1 Dashboard applications. I put the latest 32 plugin in the bin32 and the latest 64 plugin in the bin64 (just to eliminate this possibility ). I’m currently running 2x Gtx 1080 in sli, I7 6950X with 32GB RAM. My sim features tripple 24” and a 24” overhead. This problem only comes up in rfactor 2, in IRacing, Pcars, AC,... it works fine
Thanks for your help
I'm NOT going to help you because I have only ONE, ONE, screen. :)
1st thing is do NOT use 32bit anything. That limits the ammount of memory your system can access, no matter how much you have installed. Next, ensure that all plugins that draw to the screen are disabled in the rF2 menus.(these would be plugins like track map that you are using Z1 to replace.) rF2 is a sensitive beast, we have heard over and over that everything works fine in every other sim.
So this may take some time to work out, but 'usually' things do get sorted.
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