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crash game

  1. P

    Game crashes when using 911 GT3 Cup 2017

    Hi everyone; Yesterday I realized that starting a race on any track with the 911 GT3 Cup (the Kunos model) was bringing me back to Content Manager: the race instantly cancels itself before I can do anything. No crash warning or error message, CM just displays "the race was cancelled". The car...
  2. flavio809

    my game crash after installing a new graphic

    Hello everyone, recently after installing a new graphics my game no longer starts, below I leave you the logs. Error might have something to do with: 00007FF9EA197F4E (d3d11): (filename not available): D3DKMTQueryResourceInfo 00007FF9F2D87E90 (dxgi): (filename not available)...
  3. K

    Error in Assetto Corsa

    I will be very grateful if someone helps to solve my problem: AC\glrenderer.cpp (200): GLRenderer::end AC\splashscreen.cpp (158): SplashScreen::renderHUD AC\game.cpp (288): Game::renderHUD AC\game.cpp (288): Game::renderHUD AC\game.cpp (142): Game::onIdle AC\game.cpp (210): Game::run AC\acs.cpp...
  4. T


    Hello guys, i have a problem with my assetto corsa, when i launch a race from the game, the race doesn't start, and when I launch a race from Content Manager, I got that error. Dou you have any idea to fix it please ?
  5. Lernardeau

    Game close himself when I start a race.

    Hello everyone, I have a big problem that make my game crash when I want to start a race. It started 2 days ago after I downloaded few mods. Here the list of those : - Sol 2.0.2 - BLM Car 1.7.2 - BLM Lights 1.16 - Wet Mod 2.0 - Bad and Good weather Suite 2.5.2 - Content Manager 1.60 - (Plus few...
  6. I

    What can I do in this case?

    I just can't play Time Attack events on career mode, and this advice pops up every time I try to start one. I have 1.16.3 version of the game and several mods, including custom shaders patch 0.1.46 in Content Manager. Any ideas to solve that? According to what the pop-up says.
  7. 4yam

    General Game Crashes when i try to drive

    Hi guys, whenever i try to drive my M4 or GT3RS, the game crashes with the following error : AC\caravatar.cpp (1309): CarAvatar::initPhysics AC\caravatar.cpp (896): CarAvatar::CarAvatar AC\sim.cpp (1446): Sim::addCar AC\racemanager.cpp (462): RaceManager::initOffline AC\racemanager.cpp (174)...
  8. O

    Game freezes in combination with z1 dashboard

    Hey guys, my game starts freezing after 1-2 minutes after the game started, but just if I open 1 or more of the Z1 Dashboard applications. I put the latest 32 plugin in the bin32 and the latest 64 plugin in the bin64 (just to eliminate this possibility ). I’m currently running 2x Gtx 1080 in...
  9. M

    Fatal error - the program will exit

    Hello, This error appears every time I want to choose the car or start the free ride. PC specifications: Windows 10 64-bit Intel Pentium 3558U @ 1.70GHz, 4,0GB RAM, Intel HD Graphics NOTE: the Visual Studio 2013 DLL's have been installed. Sincerely, Marino
  10. X

    Ford Escort RS1600 crashes AC

    Hi, I was trying to start a race with the Ford Escort RS1600 but the game hangs each when loading it. Other cars work fine. Any ideas to make it work? Thanks in advance!
  11. shadowbotic

    AC dont work anymore pls help

    AC doesn´t start races hi there, so I m playing AC for PC since a Year and yesterday I tryed to start a race after a break since 2 month. i used the Content manager as always and a say "go" and he imidediately say "race cancelled". i thought the content manager was broke and tryed the...
  12. josap11

    Assetto Corsa crashing on startup

    Yesterday, I was playing AC and decided to stop for the night. Then today, I started AC up again and wanted to start driving but it keeps crashing. I can choose my car and track and start the hotlap session but it crashes after the message of loading car has appeared. This is the exact car and...
  13. S

    please help: APPCRASH 64x and 32x

    My game does not start after the last update, I just did not do it, I even reinstalled the game, I tried it on another PC, it does not work!