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  1. racetobi

    Automobilista freezes at start up

    it goes into full screen and boom freezes and i have no clue why a complete new instalation doesnt help
  2. F

    AC CM replay function tanks frame rate

    No idea what happened, suddenly the ramerate drops to 1 or 2 fps when I pause the game and stays like this at replay or photo mode. Hardware utalization is close to zero %. Same when I start the game directly on steam or content manager. Ran Steam file varifaction and also reinstalled it...
  3. Ghiaman1334

    Long-term, major computer issues.

    Alright, I'm getting nowhere with my computer. Here's my laptop's 'symptoms'. - When I open a browser/app/program/window, it likes to close them on its own - When updating/verifying files/etc, the thing will crash. - Occasionally breaks by turning screen to black, save for some random coloured...
  4. O

    Game freezes in combination with z1 dashboard

    Hey guys, my game starts freezing after 1-2 minutes after the game started, but just if I open 1 or more of the Z1 Dashboard applications. I put the latest 32 plugin in the bin32 and the latest 64 plugin in the bin64 (just to eliminate this possibility ). I’m currently running 2x Gtx 1080 in...